An adaptable writer always looking to write something new, I've been writing (with bylines, at least) since 2011, but picked up creative writing when I was ten and haven't looked back. My published stories span local features to company-assigned marketing articles, with an emphasis on food and music. I love journalism, but my heart lies in fiction.

I have written and edited for my high school newspaper and New York University's award-winning Washington Square News, and contributed to the University of Miami’s award-winning The Miami Hurricane. I have also written for the online music magazine EUPHORIA. Presently, I maintain this website and write freelance.

I received a BSC from the University of Miami in December 2017 and am in the process of self-publishing my first novel (look out for it in March 2018), even as I’m deep into my second.

"In Writing" is my lexicon, in a way: this project is my word on what really matters— creativity, culture, wellness, and social and political issues— as well as shorter original fiction and poetry. You can follow along on Medium, too.

See my full portfolio here