The Alexa.

Hi! As you may have guessed, I'm Alexa, the concert-going, doughnut-obsessed college senior behind this website.

I love to write and believe in the power of the written word to tell your best story. I've been writing professionally since 2011 (published articles, blog posts, copy, and more) and personally since I was ten. I can usually be found holed up in a local coffee shop, iced black or a cold brew in hand (and some sort of pastry, naturally), or singing along at a too-loud concert.

If you want to:
  • finish that book you've been writing... 
  • support your personal brand with writing that "sounds" like you... 
  • and/or improve your writing skills...
... I'm happy to have you! Let's find your voice and get writing your best work.

The story.

After being a part of the blogging community for some time, I recognized a need that I would never have expected to find in a writing industry. I was reading post after post, and they all sounded the same. Many had basic grammar mistakes, misspellings, and syntactical errors. Each creative's personal struggle with writing was masking their uniqueness and stealing their spotlight. I love writing, and it hurt to see that people either did not know, or did not care, that they were not using it to tell their best story.

I wanted to change that. I am intimately familiar with the transformative power of a well-written piece with a signature. I wanted to reveal this power to creatives who have not yet discovered it, so they can write the most authentic, unique, and well-written content that they can.

If your writing does not speak to who you are and what your story is, I'm here specifically for you. I offer several coaching packages and freelance services to help you find your signature writing style and get writing like you never have before. 

I'm more than a writer....

but I am in the middle of two different novel drafts. YA, anyone?

I love music, especially new wave and anything current that sounds like new wave. My “dream job” is to tour manage, but I’d love to start out in venue marketing and promotions.

I'm a senior studying media management and music business at the University of Miami.

Manhattan is my most favorite city. Though I'm currently attending school in Miami, I lived in the City for nine months as a freshman in college, and I think about it all the time.

I’m a dessertaholic. If it’s frosted, covered in chocolate, or baked, I’ll eat it.

Puns and wordplay are kind of my thing.

The blog.

I blog mainly about living local, personal betterment, and writing but also touch on things like music, blogging, and travel. Read the latest blog posts here!

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