The Box We Put Ourselves In

February 15, 2018
We'll all face it, likely more than once, if we haven't already. The box. That figurative 4x4 space we sometimes relegate our minds to. Confines that we've convinced ourselves we belong within, for in the box, we can ignore that one project, that one idea that we're too afraid to commit to.

We're comfortable right where we are, within the parameters we've set for ourselves, the limits we've imposed. That, or we don't know how to escape them. We long to identify as a member of a particular group, or at the very least, we don't want to be lumped in with another, opposing group. If we're brought up to be a certain way, behave a certain way, we might place ourselves firmly in a box representative of everything we weren't taught.

Is it fair that we put ourselves in boxes? Does it matter? If we're only projecting ourselves onto ourselves, it's just us hurting us.

When I was a kid, I would regularly tune into PBS for a handful of shows on my dinosaur of a home TV. Every week, I'd watch a rotating cast of kids a few years older than me conduct experiments, make fun foods, and embrace their individuality. I admired these kids I didn't know for acting in a scripted show, essentially (to be fair, I didn't realize that they were just reciting lines from memory). Even after I grew too old for Zoom, the theme of the show— embracing creativity— stuck with me for some reason.

That— embracing creativity— is what I hope to accomplish with this new project. I'm ready to ditch the clean-cut, blog-ready pieces in favor of the heavier, question-posing pieces that I write and don't share. Essays, long-form content, op-eds, creativity, culture, socio-political opinions, wellness, fiction... I'm breaking down (and probably recycling) the box I've been in.