October 26, 2017

What to Do When Your Vision Changes

Funny story: I started writing this post right after looking up vision providers in my area, so I can hopefully schedule an appointment to get fitted for contacts (we've had a good go, glasses, but it's been 11 years...). Anyway, this post is not about that type of vision change: I'm talking visions for your future, your blog or business direction, your writing, your life, and what have you.

As I prepare to graduate college in just about two months, I've been watching my vision shift regularly. Sometimes I'll have an epiphany of sorts— How did I not see this staring me in the face the whole time?— and sometimes I'll be caught completely off guard by a realization. Either way, I find myself questioning everything and wondering whether this vision shift is the real deal. I hope this post can help you with this very thing.

1. Accept it.

The first thing you have to do when your vision changes is simply to accept it. Accept the fact that it's normal to shift your thinking and stop fighting it. Accept that there's a reason, that God has a better plan for your life, and that sometimes, things need to rearrange themselves for you to see what the right direction is.

I read something recently that really stuck with me. Essentially, the message was that when God closes a door, you need to realize when it's time to stop trying to open it and move on, towards open doors. It's hard to know when to abandon a locked door, but trust that when it's time to let it go, you'll know.

2. Ask why.

Why might your vision have shifted? The key here is to not dwell. You've already accepted the vision change (per #1); now, you're taking an objective look at why it happened. Was it taking up too much time? Was it causing you too much stress? Did you have the unshakable feeling that something wasn't quite right?

Maybe the warning signs were there, and you missed (or ignored) them. Is there another, better solution that you can see clearly now?

3. Determine your next steps.

You've accepted the change and started to search for the "why," so what now? It's time to pursue your new vision. Write down your modified/new goals, or at least some sort of general vision statement, and figure out what comes next. I actually stopped strictly goal-setting in favor of creating more general visions (life-changing. Possible post? Let me know if you'd be interested). Ask yourself where you want to be, or how you want to something to look, and let it simmer before you attack it with goals and plans and the blogger favorite: strategy.

How have you handled a vision change in the past?

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