October 19, 2017

3 Ways to Re-Inspire Your Weekly Newsletter

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I haven’t sent out a newsletter in months (June 25th, to be exact). I know— I’m the worst. I even tweeted that I was slacking. The thing is... I haven’t been inspired enough to carve out the time to create one, and I didn’t want to create something subpar. In the past, I’ve gotten quite a bit of positive feedback on my newsletters (you guys are the best), but despite the kind words and “hit replies,” something still wasn’t sitting right with me.


You know what else is sitting? My mailing list. All these people who (presumably) want to see extra content from me are getting nothing. I could be connecting with these readers in a way that I don't connect with them on the blog or on Instagram, so why am I not? Because I need a fresh dose of re-inspiration. Thus, today's post was drafted.

+ Re-evaluate the tools you’re using. 

If your email marketing system doesn’t have the features you want/need, shop around. How important is design to you? Does your current system allow for ample customization? How well are opt-in forms integrated with the system? Answers to questions like these can help you determine whether you’re using the best tool for you. I personally use MailChimp and don’t have any complaints.

Something else to consider is how you’re managing email marketing once you send out a blast. A mail merge tool designed for smaller-scale mass emails can help you organize direct replies to your newsletter. You can then build an email list from these replies and send out more tailored emails. For example: you send out a blast and find that many of your subscribers are coming back with the same question. Add them to a list and send out one mass reply; now you don’t have to create a completely new campaign, and you save time by responding to everyone at once.

+ Send out a survey to your subscribers.

If you’re stumped and uninspired, sending out a reader/subscriber survey can be a huge help. I always include a question of some sort at the bottom of my campaigns to encourage my subscribers to reply, but I’m advocating taking it a step further. Reader feedback could be just the boost of re-inspiration you need to dive back into writing those weekly newsletters.

I’d recommend setting up most of the questions as multiple choice questions because people are more likely to quickly check some boxes to help you out than write out something (it’s not because people don’t want to help #busy #lifehappens). You might want to ask what content people enjoy seeing most in newsletters, what they’ve liked from you in the past, what they didn’t like from you in the past, etc. You might be surprised by some of the answers and be encouraged to go in a new direction. (If you're a subscriber, look out for a survey from me soon!)

+ Define your priorities/goals.

Forget your blog and social media goals for a second. What goal(s) do you have for your newsletter? What is it you want your mailing list, and your presence in your subscribers’ inboxes, to accomplish? Do you want to establish a relationship with readers that you “own?” Do you have an ideal client conversion rate based on your number of subscribers? Are you hoping to reach a new audience this way? Looking to launch an e-course?

Answer these questions and ask how your current newsletter structure fits in. Is the content you’re including supportive of these goals? If not, how can you make it so? This "anatomy of a newsletter" graphic I found on Pinterest is pretty helpful (and who doesn't like nice graphics?)

Have you faced a newsletter slump? How did you get out of it?


  1. Even though I don't blog, I have considered ditching my social media and just starting a monthly newsletter to my family back in the midwest to keep them updated since I don't speak to most of them everyday. Texting just doesn't do it justice sometimes.

    1. Haha I love that! If you want to, go for it!

    2. Sometimes asking others for their opinion is exactly what you need to get reinspired or reevaluate a situation. Great tips... thanks!


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