August 28, 2017

5 Healthy Habits to Adopt

You might recall my mentioning in this post that I was using my time away from social media to consider how I can better use my platform and make social media less of a mindless thing and more of a mindful thing. As I brainstormed, one idea kept making its way to the top of my list: encouragement. I don't want to write posts for the sake of writing posts. I want to write posts that matter, that have a purpose. Posts like this and this.

I've always been real with you over here, but I want my posts to be both real and applicable. Lots of changes have taken, are taking, and are about to take place in my life, and I want to use my thoughts and experiences, when possible, to construct more than strings of words. I want to write more things that will have my readers nodding "yes" or asking themselves new questions. With that said, I've been evaluating my own life and purpose and considering the healthy habits that I've recently adopted. I think they're important and pervasive, so I wanted to share them in a post.

+ Spend time with God every day.

The preacher at the church I've been going to talked about how to pray like Jesus the Sunday before this past Sunday. We need to get just two things: a place and to the point. I've found my place— the corner of my bed that faces the windowed north wall of my apartment, after I've eaten breakfast and gotten ready for the day— and take time each morning to reflect on a new point/purpose.

+ Go to bed and wake up earlier.

If you'd told me just two months ago that I'd trade in my night owl ways for the life of an early bird, I would have said there was no way. For years, I've been rolling out of bed some time between 10:30 and 10:45, regardless of what time I fell asleep the night before. This summer, I set my alarm for 7 AM each weekday morning, and I'd be up by 7:30 (except that one morning I forgot to ask Alexa to wake me up and I slept over an hour in...).

That habit rolled over into my weekends, too, and I found myself naturally going to bed at 11 PM and waking up between 7:30 and 8, no alarm necessary. And I love it. I'm still getting enough sleep. I have extra time in the morning to pray and reflect and enjoy my breakfast, and weekends that are both productive and enjoyable are so much more attainable now.

+ Take breaks.

You may have heard that I recently gave up social media for a week. Today is my last day of a coffee-free week and tomorrow, the start of my final week of cleansing, which will undoubtedly prove to be the most difficult: a week free of dessert/sweets/baked deliciousness. You know that scene in the first mall cop movie when Paul Blart drops to the ground and has to eat the lollipop off the floor so he can get back up to go save the mall? That's basically my relationship with doughnuts cookies cake sugar.

+ Read more.

I had let reading fall to the wayside, and I now I'm fully back in. I love reading for an hour or so before bed every night, and it's far better to wind down this way than with the harsh light of electronics.

+ Maintain your relationships.

I made a list last week of things I want to keep in mind for the rest of the summer and into the fall semester. Maintaining my relationships is high on this list. I'm not the best about staying in touch with people. To me, there are few things more saddening than realizing that you've lost someone you care about and were once close with because you let yourself fall out of touch. I'm going to make a conscious effort to not let this happen, especially as I prepare to leave college behind in a few short months.

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