July 13, 2017

Summer Reading List

One of my goals this summer is to read at least three books. I'm not making as much reading progress as I'd like because, like last summer, when I get home from work I'm #hangry and I all I can think about is food exhausted and just want to watch Netflix. I used to read like it was my job, and I read just six books last year. In an effort to motivate myself, I've put together a to-read list for the summer.

I'm currently reading the first book in the Dragon Tattoo series, and it's interesting so far.

I have never read the Harry Potter series, either. I know, I know: how am I so behind? I was not a HP fan until fairly recently when I watched all the movies in just 10ish days. I've been wanting to read the books, and fate would have it that they're all available through Kindle Unlimited. I signed up for the 30-day trial on Tuesday but will admit that I was disappointed with the available titles (a lot of lower shelf romance/erotica/fantasy books... not into that), but I'm willing to give it a chance and see what I can find.

Fifties' New York glamour and history and modern-day journalism? Yes, please.

And another book I still haven't read. If you claim to not like John Green books, you've either never read one, or you're lying to yourself. And if you claim to never have cried while reading a John Green book, you've either never read one, or you're lying to yourself.

I do update my Goodreads account pretty often, so if you want to connect over there, you can do so right here. Read anything good this summer? What's next on your list?


  1. I can't believe you've never read HP! It's one of my favorite series, so I really hope that you'll enjoy them as much as I did! I also read Paper Towns and thought it was quite a good book! It's not my favorite of his, but it's good nonetheless.

    I added The Dollhouse to my TBR because it looks amazing!

    1. I hope that I enjoy the HP books as much as the movies! I tend to read the book before watching the movies, which generally lets me down, but the HP movies are so well done and might be hard to top....

  2. Girl, I was never into Harry Potter until this year!! I read book 1 and have book 2 on my phone, but I need a hard copy haha. It's just...not the same. I might have to resort to buying it because it's never in at my public library.


  3. Okay, you HAVE to read the Harry Potter series! I think you'll love it!! I never got into the movies but I love the books. Reading a book by John Green is basically on my bucket list because I've been wanting to for years but never get around to reading any of them. Paper Towns was a great movie so I bet the book is good!

    Madison // Mads Maybe

    1. I think I'll love it, too! I am a big fan of the movies, though. Highly recommend John Green if you like YA fiction!


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