June 12, 2017

Four Unconventional Self-Care Practices

Bubble baths, face masks, manicures... are not my thing. I'm not into "conventional" self-care, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. The flip side of that coin: we can't not give ourselves a break just because we don't like soaking in a sparkly, bath-bombed tub, surrounded by lit candles with a glass of rosé in hand. I have my own detoxication system, and I'm sharing a few of my self-care practices in this post.

+ Clean and organize your space.

Really. Bleach the bathroom, mop the floors, wipe down the counter, do the dishes, wash your sheets and towels. I despise cleaning probably more than is considered normal, but when I finally do clean, I feel so much better. Rewarding yourself with a fresh, clean space is a great example of self-care, if there ever was one.

+ Bake something.

Or cook something, if you're into that. I tend to stress-bake because I find that baking reduces my anxiety and calms my nerves. I guess there's something about choosing a recipe, measuring ingredients, and letting the room fill with the smell of baked goods that speaks to me on a spiritual level. I love whipping up a banana bread after class for no real reason and bringing some with me to work and to my concierge. What better way to make someone's day than to offer them fresh, homemade treats?

+ Do a mental health check-in.

Mental health is not something I really discuss here, but it's something that is very important to me. Regularly take the time to assess how you're feeling. If you're comfortable discussing difficult emotions with someone else, do so; if not, that's ok— try prayer or journaling. Don't let yourself ignore the bad thoughts and feelings for too long because it's going to be a lot harder escaping them when they do catch up with you (which they will).

+ Netflix and book.

This one is for those really rough days/the Friday at the end of a killer week. Brush your teeth, wash your face, and get into bed by 8 PM. Watch a few episodes of your current favorite. Turn off the TV or close your laptop, switch on the light, and read for 30-45 minutes. Trust me.

Got any unconventional self-care practices of your own?


  1. My friend swears by baking when she's stressed out! It's such a therapeutic thing to do. These are great tips Alexa!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

    1. Thanks, Kendal! And yes, I know other people who stress-bake :)

  2. Netflix is definitely a way that I practice self-care! I don't watch too much TV, so when I do it's a real treat and helps me unwind from work and blogging.


    1. I'm the same way! I don't watch much TV, either (excepting Harry Potter weekends and Law & Order SVU while I'm eating dinner haha), so binging whichever series I'm watching is a good way to unwind :)


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