June 5, 2017

Three Reasons You Should Keep a Journal

Do you journal? I do. I might not journal daily, but I do regularly put pen to paper. Maybe you're into bullet journaling or you like expounding on one topic in every entry. And maybe you're more like me. I journal in the loosest sense of what it means to journal: I write just to write. There's something about physically writing things down instead of typing them up that changes your perspective and your feelings, but journaling can also mean a Word doc on your computer.

I take to journaling when I'm facing a weighty decision or when I keep coming back to the same concern. Sometimes, my entry turns into a prayer on paper. For a few reasons, whenever I'm dealing with the "heavier" stuff, I prefer to close my laptop and open my striped spiral journal. Thinking about getting into journaling? You should. Here are a few reasons why.

+ Writing it down means you can worry about it less.

Maybe this seems crazy to you, but I swear it works. If I'm really stressed because there are a million things on my mind, I'll write them down before I go to sleep. Think of it as making a to-do list. Grab a notepad, a scrap of paper, or a gum wrapper and a pen and scribble all the thoughts onto it. Now they're out of your head. Seeing all of your concerns written out makes them more tangible and makes them seem more manageable. Try it.

+ Journaling will help you to sort out your feelings. 

I don't like to talk about my feelings with other people, which you may have gathered (isn't that why a lot of us start blogs?), so I write them down. I find that, as I'm writing, ideas begin to take shape and my thoughts evolve from one to another. I often find myself staring at an epiphany or some great realization I couldn't see before.

+ You have a record of your thoughts to look back on. 

I don't know about you, but I think it's really interesting to read what I wrote a month ago or a year ago and see how things have changed. I've been able to look back on hard times and read how I worked through them to get where I am now. It's kind of like looking at old photos, in a way.

Do you journal? I'd love to know your method. 


  1. I LOVE journaling and make it a daily habit before I go to bed. One night last week I couldn't fall asleep, but I didn't journal that night because I was up late working on some things. I made myself turn my lamp on and pour my thoughts onto paper and was able to instantly go to bed. It really does work!


    1. Right?! I thought people would think I'm crazy for doing that haha. I don't journal nightly, but I should really set aside time specifically for journaling. It's awesome that you've been able to do that!

  2. I've always wanted to write in a journal! I used to buy composition books and write in them when I was younger. I think once I start a job and move to a new city I'm definitely going to start one to remember things I did and places I've been! :)

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

    1. Ahhh this is your excuse haha :) That's an awesome idea. Good luck with the job and move!


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