June 19, 2017

Back to My Blogging Roots

So. Disclaimer: this post is long. And personal. Lately, I've read quite a few blog posts and Instagram captions that tie in with a central theme: going back to our roots. In the last few weeks, I've been struggling with blogging more than I ever have since starting last June. I find myself itching to post about topics that I "can't write about anymore" because they no longer "fit with my brand," but not wanting to post about topics that everyone else has already written 4523 posts about.

I purchased my domain because I was confident that no matter how the content of my website changes, no matter how it evolves... my brand is still me because it's in my name. And that's what I've been thinking a lot about recently. I tend to dive headfirst into things without always thinking them completely through. Every new idea is my best idea yet and must be pursued. Then reality sets in and I realize (not always, but often— I have a lot of new ideas on the daily) how jaded I was.

I did just this with this whole creative business thing. I don't want to write blog posts about business, and I don't want to write about social media or blogging all the time. I thought I did. I also thought I wanted a BBA from the business school, but I transferred out after a semester, so yeah (as one of my Comm. school professors is fond of saying, "Media Management is the best major on campus!" Haha ok.).  I'm not going to privatize my services page or anything, nor will I stop branding myself as a content/writing coach (because I put a lot of work into that and absolutely love guiding others through the writing process), but that's not what I want to be about.

I miss blogging for the sake of blogging. On June 1st of last year, I published my first post: a summer bucket list. The next day, I published a post featuring my favorite coffee shops. Those posts are me. I want to sit down and write freely and frequently about music and travel and food and books and other things, all of which are things that I am (very) into but have since excluded from my blogging repertoire. I also want to write the occasional blogging tips or social media post.

Right now, the only posts I really look forward to writing are my self-improvement, writing, and music posts, which together make up a much lower percentage of my content than do "how to blog" and "run your business this way"-type posts.If you read last night's newsletter, you may recall that I mentioned how I think that some bloggers are awesome at balancing "blog"-y content with lifestyle content and how others are... not as awesome. I also mentioned that I don't want to be that person. I don't want to throw people off with content that they wouldn't expect from me. But I'm willing to risk that.

I'm willing to chance a less-than-smooth transition to get back to my blogging roots. Maybe you think that I'm all over the place. I'm okay with that. Because... you don't really know me. I'd like to think that we're friends, and it makes my day when you leave me a comment or send me an email, but in truth, I don't share much about myself online, aside from my interests and some of my quirks.

I'm not all over the place. I'm finding myself, for sure, because I'm only a senior in college. And I get bored when I'm not questioning the "why"s of my actions and challenging myself to try different things and run over all the "what if"s. But I know who I am, at my core. And who I am is not someone who cranks out two to three business and success-oriented posts and Pinterest-friendly images per week.

So, yeah. I'm going back to my roots. I want to want to blog again. And I hope you'll stick with me.


  1. Loving your honestly here, Alexa! I feel like so many of us bloggers are going through this point in our lives where we're coming to find the flaws in blogging for business vs. blogging for fun. How do we find a balance? P.S. I'm still sticking around!


    1. So glad you're sticking with me, Sheila :) I feel the same way— it seems like everyone is posting their realizations on their blogs or in social media captions. For me, writing this post was as natural as starting to blog in the first place!

  2. I've have read so many posts about this. I think people is getting tired of the "perfect blog post". I struggle with that too sometimes. I want to show people what I like, but sometimes they aren't that popular. I think this kind of posts are necessary. For you and your blog.

    xx, Melissa

    1. I completely agree, Melissa! I've always written what I want to write (or what I thought I wanted to write), regardless of whether I thought it would be popular, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't disappointing that certain topics get less traffic than others. I keep reminding myself that page views and pins and shares aren't why I started blogging and that I'm going to write no matter what, so why not write without that added pressure? :)

  3. I think that it is so important to do what makes you happy and write about what you really want to! Good for you for following your passions. I try to write posts that will be helpful to others (for the sake of helping others out if I have tips about something) but I also just write about what comes to mind or somewhere I've recently been. It's your blog so write what you enjoy writing! :)

    Em's Essentials

    1. Thanks, Emily! I totally agree that it's important to write what we want to write. I also enjoy writing "helpful"-type posts!

  4. Hi Alexa, I've just discovered your blog and I'm already looking forward to the new content you'll be creating. I think it's great you've realised that you want to return to your roots and write freely about the things you are passionate about. I used to run a book blog and that became too restrictive in the end as I wanted to branch out and share posts about other things. Unfortunately, I was too afraid to do so as it didn't fit the expectations people had come to have of me and the blog slowly died out. Starting my new blog was the best idea I ever had and I promised myself not to hold back on writing things I want to write. I love reading posts that share a bit more about the person who wrote them and I look forward to your posts on self-improvement and writing too, as these are topics that interest me!

    Thanks for sharing!
    word drift

    1. Thanks so much, Beverley! It's great to hear that you started a new blog to write what you want to write. Going back to my roots might be the best blogging decision I've made :)


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