May 8, 2017

You Can Do It All... But That Doesn't Mean That You Should

"I got this."  Yeah, you do. But you don't have to have everything, all the time. Just because you can do it all doesn't mean that you should do it all. I mentioned in this post about allowing yourself to ask for help that I'm all for collaborative work... when the "we" involved consists of me, myself, and I.

If you're like me on that count, you're probably like me on this one: you've convinced yourself that you can do everything, and that you need to. But actually... you don't. Not really. You probably know from reading Friday's post or last night's newsletter that I've decided to post two days a week instead of three from here out. I could easily continue to post MWF, like I have for the last eight months, but I've decided to post on just Mondays and Thursdays instead.

Among my reasons for this change is that I want to put more time into content promotion (my own content and others') and management because my current strategies simply can't keep up with how much content I put out each week. Ironically, I'm hurting my brand and business by putting almost all of my time and effort into creating content. I realized that just because I can post three times per week doesn't mean I should post three times per week.

What is one thing that you're doing but don't have to be doing? Don't use this soul-probing question as an excuse to cut out your obligations and things that you really should be doing. Rather, use it as a guide to help you prioritize. What is one thing that is part of your everyday routine that you can cut out? Maybe you're killing yourself at the gym every single day; give yourself Sundays off. Maybe your business has grown to the point that you struggle to manage your finances on your own; hire an accountant to handle taxes and expenses for you.

The people in my life are constantly telling me that I "must never be bored" and that "grass doesn't grow under [my] feet." They're right. I would rather be too busy than not busy enough, so I'm always doing lots of different things to keep myself out of a routine. For those of us that function this way, it can be easy to pick up tasks as we go along and find ourselves with mile-high plates set in front of us. We'll get everything done, but it will take time. And we don't always have all the time needed.

Whether you're a corner-cutter or a perfectionist (... guilty), sometimes it's best to let some things go. Just like you should cross off the easiest/least painful tasks on your to-do list first to get those motivational juices flowing, you should regularly evaluate your agenda: what you should do and what you want to do versus what you really don't need to do.

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