April 19, 2017

Is Your Content Marketing Strategy Attracting Your Target Audience?

Catering to your target audience in your writing is a critical, if not the most critical, component of any blog or blog-for-business (I like that term I just coined...). Isn't that why you're writing to begin with? You might be publishing the most original, info-packed blog posts out there, but if your content marketing strategy is not designed to attract your target audience— or if it is and you're not applying it in that way— you could be losing potential readers.

So, how you do fix that? *grimacing emoji* I've got three short and sweet, but effective, tips to help you improve your content marketing strategy and make sure the people you want reading your content are finding it.

Promote your content in the right places.

Ok, yeah— I'm guilty of posting in those daily threads in Facebook groups that everyone from mommy bloggers to foodies to creative entrepreneurs post in. It's such easy free promotion that you might as well, right? But you can't only post in wildly diverse FB groups in the hopes that a like-minded someone will read your content.

You need to be posting in the right groups for you. Some of the "right" groups for me, and groups that might also be right for you:

Along the same lines, pin to relevant boards and use the right hashtags.

Make sure your content is SEO-friendly.

SEO is one of those things that, once you get it down, it comes naturally, but learning and applying the best SEO tactics is something that requires a lot of time and effort. Improving my SEO knowledge and my site's SEO-friendliness is definitely on my ever-changing "What can I be doing better?" list. If your content marketing strategy does not include SEO/keywords, you can expect much less organic traffic from search engines than there would be if your strategy included SEO.

Of course, there are exceptions to this (if you have a large following, people are probably checking your website/clicking your links daily), but better SEO means a better chance of someone finding your website or content on their own. If you're able, teach yourself some tricks of the trade or hire a SEO consultant. Great post about SEO for bloggers here!

Make sure your content is accessible. 

Don't tweet that there's a new post up on the blog and not include a link to that post in the tweet. Don't post about something on social media without making it clear where that content can be found. on your website. One major content marketing mistake is not telling your audience what to do next and can result in your audience doing, well, nothing.


  1. Definitely a lot of tips I need to keep in mind! I need to work on my SEO. Who knew blogging and marketing involved so much!?

    1. So much work! Good luck, Caitlin :)


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