April 21, 2017

How to Support a Blogger (Guest Post!)

Today's post is a guest post (the first ever guest post on this site— exciting!) by Madison of Mads Maybe. She reached out to me on Wednesday because she thought that a post she'd written would work well on my site/for my readers. I looked it over and had to agree. As luck would have it... I had no post written for today, so her email came at the perfect time.

Madison's post is all about how non-bloggers can support their blogging family member or friend. I've seen many a tweet and Facebook post detailing frustration with, or disappointment in, a creative's immediate circle because those people don't understand the hows and whys of blogging and online business. "What is the point of that?" "Is this even something you can do for a living?" "Is that for your blog *sneer* ?" I especially love how Madison emphasizes not comparing the blogger in your life to others in the online community. Some great truths here!

Guest post written by Madison Carter of Mads Maybe

As a blogger, I know the struggle of having friends and family who are unfamiliar with blogging and just don't know what's important to bloggers. I'm not saying they're uneducated, but if you haven't had firsthand experience with blogging, it's hard to know the level of work that goes into it and what goals we're trying to reach. If someone in your life is blogging - no matter how big or small their blog is - here are some tips for how you can be supportive of their hard work and endeavors.

First of all, read their blog. 

You can't discuss someone's blog if you aren't familiar with it and know the ins and outs. It's not enough to acknowledge that they have a blog, actually take time to read it. Read it regularly because they're constantly working hard to publish new posts.

Comment + like their social media posts. 

Almost all bloggers hope to work with brands and gain opportunities for payment. Brands and influencer networks look for engagement on social media and blogs. You can have tons of followers and visitors but it won't be meaningful if people aren't responsive to a post. So if you love someone's work, let the whole world know.

Never compare their hard work to anyone else's. 

It's okay to share some ideas like "hey, you could incorporate these cool social media buttons on your blog" but don't share someone else's blog talking about how amazing it is. Bloggers spend countless hours perfecting their theme and coding to make little tweaks. There are so many different formats for a blog - don't assume that the style you like is the right way of doing things.

Share their posts. 

Bloggers aren't writing to talk to themselves. We want people to read our work and we want our reach to expand so that more and more people can hear our story. Again, if you love a post then let the world know. I'm sure if you find something relatable or helpful, many other people in your network will feel the same way.

Let your blogger take photos of everything. 

Be patient and give them plenty of time to take a picture of your meal before you eat or take 10,000 outfit of the day photos before finally settling for one. Content is such an important thing for us and you can't always get one perfect shot and call it a day. Understand that photo styling, lighting, and editing are important terms for us.

On that note, take photos of your blogger. 

Shoutout to the Instagram husbands and boyfriends basically becoming professional photographers to support their fashion blogger. A blogger can't take the perfect photo of themselves and we definitely want to be in at least some of the images we feature on our blogs and social media accounts. It's even better if you spend a little time learning how to take amazing pictures.

Congratulate them for opportunities they receive, like working with a brand or attending events. 

These things are very important to bloggers and are often our longterm goals. Don't ask them how they got that product or how they got invited to the event, know that it was from their amazing writing + photography skills and the hours they put in each day to building their influence and connecting with their audience.

Know that some people are shy and nervous about sharing their blog right away because it's such a personal thing and they've put so much work into it - it can be scary to think of the criticism it may receive. Understand if your blogger doesn't tell you about their blog right away, but be supportive when they do.

Finally, appreciate all of your blogger's hard work. It's a serious business whether you realize it or not and we all work hard to be creative and professional and stand out in the crowd. Let your blogger know how proud you are of them so that they're more comfortable sharing their blog and confident in realizing its success.


  1. I absolutely love this post! I'm definitely sharing it so that people who don't know how to support their blogger friends can do it! (hint: my friends and family, HA!)

    1. Haha yay! Thanks for sharing, Amelie :)

  2. These are so important and definitely something that needs to be talked about more!

  3. Thank you for this post! Such a wonderful reminder for bloggers and blog readers.

    1. Thanks for reading, Caitlin! I agree :)


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