February 1, 2017

Why It's Important to Share Other Bloggers' Content + How To Do It

You reap what you sow. You get what you give. Put in what you want back. *some variation of that sentiment*

Sharing other bloggers' content is important because it shows that you care about what they're saying and that you're dedicated to the community they've built. It demonstrates your support and encourages others to support you, in turn. You need to balance out your self-promo with links that don't redirect to your site. Or so we're told.

In theory, it's easy to share other bloggers' content. Retweet, publish a link-up, regram a photo. This, while effective to an extent, isn't necessarily what you should be doing. Personally, I won't share a post unless I read it and find it useful, encouraging, or applicable. This post is less about how to share content and more about how to find the content you want to share.

I haven't been hitting the blog post goldmine in the last couple of weeks. A title might draw me in, but then, reading the post, I find that it's just a bunch of regurgitated information or two paragraphs on a topic that I thought would be explored in-depth. (Is your content original? Four ways to tell.) Keep reading because I'm sharing how to get around the content blockage and be a better content-sharer.

+ Hit the archives.

If there's a blogger whose content you consistently love, head to their website and look through their previous posts. The power of the "oldie but goodie" comes in here. You never know what you'll find that might be insanely useful and share-worthy.

+ Search for hashtags on Twitter.

Searching for hashtags is not only a great way to become a better content-sharer, but also a great way to expand your network. Typing #ontheblog into the search bar might give you some general results from across niches, but typing "social media blog posts" will give you some good, relevant stuff— the kind of stuff that you want to share (I read the post below, by the way. Tip #1 is a good one.)

+ Ask for recs.

There's no shame in asking others to help you out. A simple "#Bloggers: Read any great posts this week?" or "Write any posts you've loved lately? Tweet me a link!" will do two things: 1) establish that you're aware that your feed is lacking in sisterly promo and that you want to fix that and 2) show your dedication to the blogging community.

+ Subscribe to newsletters. 

Going back to the second tip... if there's a blogger whose content you consistently love, sign up for their newsletter. They'll probably send out exclusive content, give you access to a resource library, and/or offer you an email course or two. Even though you can't take to social media to share their exclusive content, you can still tell others about it. Link to their sign-up page, Tweet about their course, or promote their newsletter via one of the social share buttons at the bottom. Since we're on the topic of newsletters... sign up for mine here if you want even more blogging and writing tips, helpful links, a mini pep talk, and other things delivered to your inbox once a week.

+ Do a collab post.

You might be wondering why this made the list, so let me tell you. A collab post requires you to reach out to another blogger or biz owner and pitch an idea for a post. Once you two have agreed on a topic and the logistics of posting (will you swap blogs for the day or just link to each other's posts?), it's time to write, publish, and promote. This automatically makes you a better content-sharer because you're encouraging people to read a post that was created in collaboration with someone else. Your collaborator will share, too, and then everyone's feeling the love.

At the end of the day, we're all in the same business of creating and promoting, and writing original content isn't always easy. Hence, why we should be helping one another.

What actionable steps do you take to be a better content-sharer?

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  1. Love this! I think it's so important to create this community and to share with one another and celebrate our successes together! It is what has made my blogging journey amazing! :)

    xx Alyssa

    1. I completely agree, Alyssa! Starting out, I wish I'd known how supportive the blogging community would be; knowing that probably would have lessened my uncertainties about creating social media accounts and getting "out there" online. Thanks for reading!


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