February 6, 2017

Why + How to Do a Follow Cleanse on Social Media

Based on what I wrote last week, today should be #MusicMonday. But, I want to be able to post my monthly playlist the last week of any given month, and that schedule is off right now, so... please enjoy another motivational/inspirational Monday until next week.

Today, I'm telling you why you should do a follow cleanse on social media. It's totally fine to do this once in a while, and (hopefully) no one is going to yell at you for contributing to the follow/unfollow social media culture.

There are several reasons that you might want to— and should— unfollow someone. The below guidelines will give you somewhere to start as you're going through your list and deciding who to keep in your circle.

+ Their content does not improve your social media experience.

If someone's posts aren't contributing anything positive to your social media feeds, then why are you following? Because they followed you? That's not a good reason to stay connected to someone, especially if their posts bother or, worse, discourage you. To me, this "weeding out" of negativity is probably the most important reason to do a follow cleanse on social media.

+ Your niche has evolved.

Maybe you started blogging thinking that you'd share a lot of beauty content, and you've found that beauty is not something you enjoy writing about after all. You follow a lot of beauty bloggers on Instagram, but since your niche has shifted, you don't gain much from seeing their posts.

+ Their niche has evolved.

Alternatively, you followed someone for her beauty content, tutorials, and product reviews. She has shifted her focus away from beauty to health and fitness, and it doesn't relate to your life as much.

+ You might be following people who never post new content.

It's not a huge deal if you follow people who never post, but why would you want to? Maybe you followed an account a couple of months ago, and since then, the account hasn't posted any new photos or Tweets. In the same way you should unfollow someone whose content isn't contributing anything positive to your life, you should unfollow someone whose content isn't contributing anything.

+ You could be clogging up your feed with content you don't care about...

...so you're missing the content you do care about. Try this: open your "following" list on Instagram or Twitter. Do you know who the first five people are? The next ten? What do they do? What sort of content do they post? Do you like their content? Do you often find yourself reading and/or sharing their content? If you can't answer these questions, if your answers are negative, or if your rationale for following someone is always that "she's a blogger, too," maybe you should unfollow.

Have you done a social media follow cleanse?


  1. Totally agree with all your points! I definitely agree with the last one. I tend to do look at my following list at least once a month to clean it out.

    -Ana | theanaduarte.com

    1. Yes! I'm super conscious about whom I choose to follow, which makes any following "purges" either unnecessary or really easy. Thanks for reading, Ana!

  2. I recently did this on Twitter and I lost quite a few followers in return, but it has made my timeline SO much better. I took into account who I interacted with frequently along with what content I actually had a desire to see. It was very beneficial!

    1. Those are the two factors that I always consider before following someone. Totally agree that it's beneficial to "clean out" every once in a while, Madison! To me, social media should be a tool that you can use to find new content and to enhance your online experience— not something obligatory or filled with negativity/things that don't add positivity to your life.


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