February 27, 2017

#MusicMonday // February Playlist + 5 Reasons Why Curating Playlists is Good for You

It's been a hot minute since I've shared a #MusicMonday post, mainly because I haven't posted on a Monday in two weeks. A flood of schoolwork hit me hard, followed by some site maintenance. Today, I'm back with my February soundtrack and something a little different: I'm telling you why curating playlists is good for you.

In typical Alexa fashion, my February playlist is all over the place. Throwback Maroon 5, Prince, and Gin Blossoms, anyone?

Now, why should you be curating playlists, if you aren't already?

+ It gives you a sense of control.

Curating a playlist is oddly satisfying because you're completely in control of what you add to it. The playlist is a collection of songs that you hand-picked, and no one but you can edit the track listing. For us control freaks, this is quick fix for when we they feel out of control and need a boost.

+ It's an easy way to convince yourself that you're organized...

even when you're not. Systematically adding songs to a playlist is therapeutic and imposes a kind of order on a bunch of random files. You can curate by genre, by artist, by song theme, by mood, by decade... the organizational possibilities are pretty much endless. Also, I don't know about you, but sometimes, I'll be listening to an old playlist and be really impressed with myself for putting together such a bomb set. Nothing gets me pumped like track after track of greatness.

+ You have a "soundtrack" to look back on.

I started creating a monthly playlist in February of last year, so now I have 13, one for each month since. I love going back into the "archives" to see what I was listening to during the summer, or which songs I thought should make it onto my road trip playlist. I've effectively "soundtracked" the last year or so of my life and have come to associate certain music with certain events/times. My "Jetset" playlist, for example, gives me spring break '16 vibes because I created it specifically to listen to on my flight to New York last March.

+ It makes finding new music easier.

Depending on which format you're using to listen to music (I should probably be a rep for Spotify Premium because I will tell anyone who will listen how great it is), you might have easy access to new music and custom recommendations. On Spotify (hey— you should sign up for Spotify Premium!), the algorithm lists recommended songs at the bottom of any playlist you create. There's an "add" button next to each, so growing your list is as simple as a click. The recommended songs are typically songs you've already saved, songs by artists you listen to, or songs that you may like but haven't yet heard.

+ You have music for every mood/occasion.

My "Snow's Comin' Down" Christmas playlist is pretty much my favorite thing ever. I also have playlists for the summer, road trips, air travel, working out, and for when I'm deep in "the feels." If you need a mood booster, or you're just in a certain mood, you might want to listen to music that fits that mood. A playlist is always the solution.

Do you love curating playlists as much as I do?

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