February 22, 2017

How to Promote Old Blog Content (Plus Free Planner!)

For those of us not hosted on WordPress, or any other site with fancy plug-ins that periodically and automatically tweet out links to old blog posts, our older, but still relevant and quality, content can get lost and miss out on the love. After all, you didn't spend all that time content writing for your posts to get lost in the shuffle.

I didn't know how to solve this problem for myself (so many old posts!), and there isn't a Blogger plug-in for this (that I know of— if you know of one, please do let me know!), so I made my own "content renewal planner," which you can download for free.

I've read a few posts on promoting old content, but I haven't found any especially useful (five more blogging strategies that didn't work for me here). I'd rather promote my stuff on my own social channels than pitch it to other sites or comment on high-traffic blogs in the hopes that someone might take notice. So, I went about figuring out a strategy that works for me and my blog and that would help increase blog traffic to old posts. What went down:

First, I went through all of my old posts and decided which ones were worth reviving. To be "worth it," posts had to meet a few criteria:

  • They had to be relevant to what my brand has evolved into and fit with the content that I share now. 
  • They had to have lasting potential/relevance. For example: I love sharing my monthly playlists every other #MusicMonday, but I wouldn't spend time promoting these after they go live. In March, no one cares what I was listening to in January.

Once I determined which posts were worth putting time into, I brainstormed the best possible way to keep track of all of them and what needed to be done to each to:

a) optimize their performance (e.g. add links, update graphics, content upgrades, etc.); and b) streamline the promotion process.

Before making this planner, I'd look through my archives, settle on a post, copy the link, paste it into bitly, find the right picture in Canva, and only then share it to social media. My old process was annoying and unproductive and didn't help at all in solving the issue of reviving buried posts. 

Now, I have my post title, links, dates, traffic, and more all in one place. I also record whether or not the post has been updated, has or needs links to other posts, and where/when I last promoted it. 

As for how I promote older content to increase blog traffic to past posts:

+ Twitter

I tend to get a lot of my traffic from Twitter, so tweeting out an old post "from the archives" is a quick fix. I always make sure to include an image because Tweets with pictures get better engagement.

+ Group boards on Pinterest

I didn't understand the importance of group boards until I joined a few. Makes sense, right? I definitely noticed an increase in traffic from Pinterest once I started regularly pinning to blog, creative biz, and writing-centric boards. Here's a link to my Pinterest account if you're interested in which group boards I pin to.

+ Share in Facebook groups

Before you share a post to a Facebook group, make sure you're not violating any of the group rules because some group admins don't want you to promo your stuff. If it's allowed, link to a blog post as part of your answer to a question that someone has asked the group. More traffic to your blog and brownie points for helping out a fellow blogger. 


  1. I love these tips because I have so many old posts but most of the time I'm like, "Does it make sense to post them again". Thanks for sharing this AND for sharing your pinterest account, checkin it out now!!!

    Danielle | FollowMyGut.com <3

    1. So happy you loved the post, Danielle! Pinterest is my favorite platform :)


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