January 16, 2017

#MusicMonday // Album Review: Blossoms' Self-Titled LP

Blossoms has been on my radar for a while (since this review), and I somehow missed the release of their first full-length LP back in August (oops... thanks, Spotify, for adding one of their songs to my Discover Weekly playlist). The self-titled album includes the band's first single, "Blow," as well as singles "Charlemagne," "At Most A Kiss," Getaway," "Blown Rose," and "Cut Me And I'll Bleed." The original LP has 12 tracks, but the band also released an extended edition with ten additional songs.

The five-piece formed in 2013 and hails from a town just outside of Manchester. Whoever wrote the little "About" blurb on the band's Spotify page likens Blossoms to a cross between the Doors and Arctic Monkeys. I probably would not have noticed this (despite being a big AM fan) because AM is so much more, well, raucous, but now, I cannot not hear the similarities between lead vocalist Tom Ogden and Alex Turner. The AM sound is especially apparent in the raw, angsty style of "Cut Me And I'll Bleed."

In one word, the album is electric— it's as indie pop as they come, heavy on the synth. Album standouts include "Charlemagne," the strong opener, and "At Most A Kiss" (easily the best track on the LP with all the New Wave vibes). "Getaway" has a strong finish; "Honey Sweet" could be a continuation, musically, of "At Most A Kiss;" and then, somewhat awkwardly, is placed "Onto Her Bed." "Smashed Pianos" and "My Favourite Room" (no hate because this song is really sweet and piano-filled) have the same effect— the three slow, sympathetic songs are sort of just there and don't really flow from, or fit into, the vibe of the other songs (actually, they "go" a lot better with the ten bonus tracks on the extended album; if this was purposeful, I totally get it now). For my AM fans: I'd liken it to throwing a track from AM or Humbug onto Favourite Worst Nightmare; you know it's Arctic Monkeys, but the songs are obviously from different albums.

The opening chords and recurring melody in "Blown Rose" remind me of an older song that I cannot place (and it's driving me crazy), and I would say that this one is the last standout ("Charlemagne", "At Most A Kiss," and "Honey Sweet" are the other stars, if that wasn't clear).

Overall, Blossoms is a solid album (let's say 4/5 stars?), despite only 1/3 of it being particularly notable (that pun wasn't even intentional). Listen below!

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