January 27, 2017

How to Survive an 8 AM Class When You're (Really) Not a Morning Person

I've managed to avoid the dreaded 8 AM class for my entire college career. The earliest class I've taken was a 9:30, and I was often the last person in the door after speed-walking eight blocks and skipping breakfast (shoutout to my friend who brought me cereal bars throughout the semester so that I wouldn't eat the desk). Mind you, this class only met once a week.


And so came spring of 2017. The only time slot that Legal Issues in Media Management is being offered this semester is 8 AM-9:15 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the course is only available in the spring, so I had no choice but to enroll. I've read every article and post entitled "How to Be a Morning Person," but it makes no difference: I'm not a morning person, and I'm not telling you how to be one in this post. I'm telling you how to survive an 8 AM class when you're (really) not a morning person.

+ I sleep with the curtains halfway open.

I have blackout curtains in my apartment, which is a great thing and a not-so-great thing. It's great because I can sleep in as late as I want without a problem. It's not so great for the same reason. So, I draw the sheer curtains closed, but only draw one side of the blackout curtains. This ensures that some sunlight will disturb me, so I can do this 8 AM class in college.

+ I don't hit snooze... 

... always. I'd be lying if I said that I never hit snooze because I did  (twice) just this morning. But, when I need to be up early, I try my hardest to not delay my alarm because I'll probably end up being late or skipping breakfast because I didn't allow enough time to do everything that I needed to do. 

+ I go to bed earlier. 

I know this isn't the best habit, since you're supposed to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, but I go to bed earlier the night before I need to get up early for my early morning college class. I typically don't turn out the light until midnight or later, but on Monday and Wednesday nights, my lamps are switched off by 11, so I can survive my 8 AM class.

+ I keep things quiet.

I generally prefer to put music on while I'm getting ready. Early in the morning, though, there is little that I enjoy, to be blunt. Even driving to school, I keep the volume low. I find that the quiet lessens my irritation at having to be up so early and helps me to survive an 8 AM class. 

+ I get ready first.

Typically, I wake up and take things slow. I brush my teeth, make my bed, read a devotional, and do some blog things while I leisurely eat my breakfast and drink my coffee. Only after that do I start to get ready for the day. That's when I wake up at 9 AM or later. I have no appetite at 6 AM, so I head straight into the bathroom and do everything I'd normally do in reverse, so that I'm (somewhat) hungrier and awake by the time I'm done.

+ I always eat breakfast. 

On the topic of being hungry... if you're going to survive an 8 AM class, breakfast is necessary. An empty, growling stomach is not conducive to early mornings, good focus, or, ultimately, doing well in the class. My go-to breakfast is an egg sandwich, breakfast burrito, or bowl of oatmeal (my healthy grocery list for college students here).

How do you do early mornings?


  1. Early mornings are rough, but taking a shower in the morning and having a cup of coffee always wakes me up! I also like to prepare all of my things for the day in advance so that I'm not scrambling in case I do wake up late. Great post :)
    - katrina // Yours Truly, Katrina

    1. I shower in the evenings, but coffee keeps me going all day, every day! I prepare everything the night before, too. Thanks for reading, Katrina!

  2. I, just liek you, have avoided 8 ams until this spring and now I have two. One only meets once a week but three days a week, I'm waking up before the sun to leave on time. I tooooootally agree with getting ready right when I wake up! I'm not a breakfast person, so I usually get some juice and then get ready. Then, I've found breakfast bars, mini muffins, or bagels that I take with me in the car (I have a 30-40 minute commute) but that at least keeps my stomach from growling for an hour! Great post!

    1. Bars are my favorite! Haha. I find that I have to have a high-protein breakfast, though, or my stomach will start to growl before I'm done with my block of classes (I have two back-to-back following my 8 AM). Thanks for reading, Ariana!

  3. I lnow how it feels with early mornigs! Going to bed early definitely helps! I plan as much as I can the day before so I dont have to spend much time faffing in the morning haha! Great post :)

    Foirell | www.citygirlrell.com

    1. Thanks, Foirell! Going to bed early and having my school bag packed helps for sure :)

  4. I have my first 8am in two years this semester, but luckily it's only twice a week. I brought myself back to my middle school days when I picked out my outfit the night before. If I waited until the morning, I would probably choose sweatpants every time. It worked for my first day today, so hopefully it will keep working! My roommate always has 8ams, so she was super excited that I could go to breakfast with her.

    1. At least you get to enjoy breakfast with your roomie! Haha. Good luck this semester, Erin :)


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