January 30, 2017

How to Overcome Dread

I'm trying out something new today. #MusicMondays are not going away, but I've decided to experiment a little. Music is a huge part of my life (read my career path story here), so a weekly music post only seemed natural. But... I will allow that I get bored reading the same segments, week after week, on other blogs (looking at you, "Friday Favorites," "Links I Loved This Week," and "Weekly Recap"s). And that's exactly what I don't want for my blog— my readers to get bored.

So, back to the experiment. Every other Monday is going to be #MusicMonday, and the Mondays in between are going to be "Motivational Monday"s, where I share my dose of inspiration/life insight for the week. The purpose of this is to introduce variety because the last thing I want is for my audience— or potential audience— to ignore my posts because they're tired of the same segment or think that I've overdone the topic and should mix things up.

Today, I'm talking about dread.

We're all too familiar with it.

A doctor's appointment. A meeting that makes a doctor's appointment look appealing. A class that you hate. How much you don't want to do whatever it is consumes you until the moment whatever it is takes place. And then? It's gone. A weight has been lifted off your shoulders, and you feel good again. You forget how terrible the last x hours were. Forgotten or not, dread controlled your entire day, or some part of it.

I make a conscious effort to not dread things. Dread is a very real, very extreme state. It's more than simply not wanting to do something; it's serious apprehension or fear.

+ Sing or dance it out.

If I'm trying to get something off of my mind, I blast music. Preferably in the car. I also sing along. Preferably loudly and lacking any confirmation of real skill #NoShame.

+ Have a comparison at the ready.

Think about the last time you dreaded something. Anything. Whatever is was probably turned out just fine, right? If you're dreading an exam, think about the first exam you took in the same class and how you killed it, even though you were a hot mess leading up to to test day. If you're dreading a meeting, think about the last meeting you had and how inspired you felt once it was over.

+ Break it down.

What does your dread stem from? If it's a class, ask yourself what component of the class makes you dread it. Is it the fact the the professor speaks in a monotone? Does the content bore you? Are you uncomfortable because you don't know anyone in the section? Once you identify exactly what it is that you're dreading, you can target it and try to work through it. Focus instead on all the other components— maybe even identity those that you like— and use that to get past the one that's the root of your problem and overcome dread.

How do you overcome dread?

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