January 11, 2017

How I Post New Blog Content Three Times Per Week

One thing that many bloggers struggle with is consistency. A lack of inspiration or motivation, busy school and work schedules, and a combination of other factors— club meetings, a social life, etc. if you're still in school— can stand in the way of regularly sharing new content. When I started blogging in June, there was a new post up every day. I posted four to five times per week for the next two months.

September is when I began to post three times per week, and four months later, I'm still on this schedule. I want my readers to know that they can expect new content from me every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (and a newsletter on Saturdays— sign up in the sidebar or at the bottom of this page!), so I make posting a top priority. How do I do it? I'm sharing my "tricks" today.

+ I schedule blog posts.

Scheduling posts is key. If I didn't line up all the posts I have planned, I'm not sure I could consistently post new blog content. A lot of bloggers swear by editorial calendars, but a traditional planner works just fine for me when it comes to planning out which posts will go up on which days. I did recently download a template, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. I might start using Google Calendar just so I'm able to click and drag posts to see how to best schedule them.

+ I post certain things on certain days.

With the occasional exception, every Monday on Life, Shuffled is #MusicMonday. If I decide to publish a #LifeWritten post during any given week, it will go up on Friday. Any other content that I post— college/career, inspiration, blogging, etc.— will fill in any gaps.

+ I keep running drafts.

If I have an idea and am online, I'll immediately click over to Blogger and write it up. Sometimes my drafts folder gets to the point that it's overwhelming to look through, but having multiple blog posts that need just a bit of tweaking before publishing is really helpful when it comes to consistently posting new blog content.

+ If I can turn it into a post, I do.

Since I'm always writing, ideas for blog posts usually come pretty naturally. If I journal about something, have a random idea, or ask myself a question/pose a problem and realize that it's blog-friendly, I'll put a post together.

+ I manage my time well.

I've always been good with time management. Fortunately, it's just one of those things that comes naturally to me, which is super beneficial when it comes to consistently posting new blog content. Knowing when I'm going to work on "blog stuff" versus schoolwork, and making time for both, is how I stay active on Life, Shuffled and ahead in classes.

What are your tips for consistency in blogging?


  1. Great post! I'm currently on a 3x per week schedule as I grow my blog. I currently have post schedule which is great since I'm also busy with school. It's also really helpful to have a specific type of post designated to a certain day, especially when I feel like I am running low on ideas.
    Alexandra | https://ohsoalex.wordpress.com/

    1. That's great, Alex! It sounds like you've got this :) When I'm running low on ideas, I like to step back and ask myself what I've read or seen lately that really resonated with me. This usually gives me some sort of jumping-off point for a post!


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