December 5, 2016

#MusicMonday // Sharkwrecked at Riptide Fest Recap

On Saturday, I drove up to Ft. Lauderdale beach for one of the only alternative music festivals South Florida has ever seen. The show, hosted by a local radio station, was literally on the beach. I ended up missing the first artist— who happened to be Saint Motel *crying emoji*— because I'm not a morning person, had to stop for gas, and the parking situation was not the best. Butttttt... we did end up meeting A/J, Saint Motel's lead singer, backstage, so that was cool. Fair warning that I don't take a lot of photos at concerts, if any, but I took a few yesterday. 

We met A/J from Saint Motel! Let's not talk about my awkward wind-blown hair, 'kay?
Highlight of the day was, hands-down, the Struts. Of everyone on the lineup, I was most excited to finally see live this killer, Queen-esque band from the UK. They were so good that I wasn't even mad when the girl behind me spilled her beer all over the back of my head before realizing jumping around with a full can is not a good idea. It gets better, though: I got to see them perform twice, which makes up for the fact that I couldn't get to their last Ft. Lauderdale show. The first set was an acoustic one at a pop-up tent, and the band was less than two feet from me (check that nine-second, snap-quality video below lol). The second was a regular set on the main stage. If you have the opportunity to see the Struts live, seize it.

Overall, the festival was really fun, but I think they tried to squeeze too many artists (11) onto one stage in 11ish hours. The longest two sets, for headliners Silversun Pickups and AWOLNATION, were only an hour each. Saint Motel had less than a half hour. Most of the other sets were 40 minutes. Looking forward to next year's lineup and, hopefully, some longer sets!

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