December 9, 2016

#LifeWritten No.1: Writing Original Content

Originality is not easily obtained. The common strategy in blogging, or online writing generally, is to take what other people are doing and make it your own by adding your voice and putting your "spin" on the same core content. Is this original, though? Nah, not really. Is it okay? Yes. I'd be lying if I said I've never drafted something with another blogger's recent, kickass post in the back of my mind or a tip from an article I read at the center of my web of ideas.

I'd argue that no idea is truly a one-of-a-kind, made-from-scratch original because all ideas are rooted in inspiration from somewhere or something. That said, I think there's a formula that can be applied to every post to ensure that the content is unique enough to be worth a read, rather than just a save to a Pinterest board. If you read this post, you might have picked up on my frustration with the lack of unique content on rotation in the blogosphere right now. That is most definitely what inspired this post. So, I've come up with some questions you should ask yourself while you brainstorm and draft and before you hit publish.

Why are you writing this?
+ Why did you choose this topic? To inspire, encourage, advise, or give a perspective? Or to keep up with what others in your niche are writing? If your motives aren't in the right place, maybe go for another topic. 

When someone reads your piece, are they going to stop to consider who's writing it?
+ Is your voice obvious and unique enough that people are going to notice, or is it going to read like any other article or blog post? Having a signature style of writing is going to keep readers engaged in your story or returning to your site.

How similar is what you're writing to what you're basing it on?
+ On a scale from 1-10, how much like something else is the post? Be honest with yourself. If it's in the 7 or above range, you might what to reconsider what you've written and/or the angle you're taking.

Would you read it?
+ This might be the most important question to ask yourself. If you did a search on the topic, how likely would you be to read this post, based on factors like the hook, the structure, and the length?

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