December 21, 2016

Let's Get Down to Business

If you've visited the blog at some point since last Thursday evening, you might have noticed some changes. You might have noticed a new addition to my social bios. Whether you've noticed or not, there have been some changes. After over a month of planning and strategizing, I've finally launched my freelance coaching business.

Going forward, I'll still be a blogger and a writer... but I'll also be offering some freelance services. If you're unsure what the title of writing coach entails, a coach helps with all aspects of good writing: setting goals, outlining project timelines, addressing obstacles, and, of course, the actual writing part, amongst other things. I'll also be offering limited writing consultations, freelance writing of my own, and resumé editing services.

"Okay, Alexa, I'm with you. But why did you decide to do this...?"

It occurred to me that I can help people— other bloggers, creatives, small business owners, my fellow city-based millennial, other ambitious writers— with their own writing, whether that be finding their writer's voice, outlining a short story, or putting together magazine-ready articles. I've had this idea for some time and decided that I should go for it... now. Writing is one of those things that I can't imagine my life without, and I want everyone to know what that's like.

I found my writer's voice years ago— probably in middle school— and ever since, I've been writing. Anything and everything. I believe that good writing is one of my God-given talents and that my passion is evident in everything that I, literally or figuratively, attach my name to. I love helping friends come up with ideas for papers and helping the kids I tutor to craft the best college essays and personal statements that they can. I have quite a bit of professional experience, too.

This was a big leap for me because I had to hash out a lot of business-y details that weren't factors before, but I needed to get out of my comfort zone and get this project off the ground. Would I love for this leap of faith to turn into something bigger? Absolutely. For now, it's just that— a leap— and I'm excited to get started. Thank you so much for your continued support. You don't know how much it means to me. If you're interested in my services, or you just want to learn more about what exactly I'll be doing, start here on the FAQs page. 


  1. I'm so happy and excited for you, Alexa!

    1. Thank you so much for your continued support, Amelie! I'm excited, too :)


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