December 12, 2016

How to Build Your Blogging "Squad"

No #MusicMonday post today because I just could not come up with something and didn't want to force it. Today's post is sorta different, so I hope you like it and/or find it useful. Cross-channel promotion on social media is definitely achievable, and a million times easier once you find your rhythm and you figure out what content to post on which platforms, but this post isn't about that (this one is).

This post is about something that, I think, is a lot more difficult: cultivating an audience who follows you across the spectrum. You know who I mean: your online "squad" who comments on your Insta photos, retweets your Tweets, reads your blog posts, pins your pins, and signs up for your email list. This weekend, I searched the 'net for posts that cover this but was unable to find anything, which is what inspired me to write this (if you know of any existing posts, please let me know!).

+ Keep the same handle across platforms.

This one is huge. Probably obvious, but still huge. Having the same handle on all your social media a) makes you recognizable to anyone who might know you from another platform, b) makes searching for you across platforms easier for anyone who wants to find you, and c) gives your brand consistency.

+ Drop hints...

On Twitter:

I've gained several followers from the few times that I've posted a screenshot of my Instagram feed as a way to encourage people to connect with me on that platform. Keeping in mind that I have less than 450 Twitter followers and 375 Instagram followers, that's not too bad. A lot of bloggers, including myself, have connected their Instagram to their Twitter account so that new photos post directly, or via a link to Instagram, to their Twitter feed.

I think this is a good way to promote another channel without overtly promoting it. In general, I think Twitter is great for this. A simple "Hey! Are we friends on Instagram?" or "Are we pinning buddies?" with a link is short, sweet, and not too in your face.

On Instagram:

Whenever a new blog post goes up, I mention it in the caption on my daily Instagram photo. Many times, the post has nothing to do with the image, but hey, that can't always be the case. This isn't always useful, though, because not everyone reads lengthy Instagram captions. A good way to tell whether your followers are reading/who's reading is to ask a question within, or at the end of, your captions.

On your blog:

Leave your social icons in at least two spots on your blog. The very top of the page, maybe on your menu bar, and somewhere on the side or in the sidebar are great options.

About Pinterest:

My Pinterest account is the laggard in terms of growth; one of my pins has recently gone mini viral (ahhh so cool!) and has been bringing continuous traffic to my blog, but I really need to work on my overall promotion strategy. As far as social media to blog conversion goes, Pinterest is highly reliable because the entire purpose of the site is to save and visit web pages.

It's reasonable to assume that a decent number of people who discover your pin will actually visit your site to read your post. From there, they might just follow your other socials and/or sign up for your mailing list. So... 'gram the yummy cookies you just baked or tweet about the DIY you tested and tell your followers where to find it (on your *insert board name here* board, of course).

+ Add other social handles to your social bios.

I actually do not do this. I had my Instagram handle in my Twitter and Pinterest bios for a while, but I removed it. I decided that I preferred hint dropping (see tip #2) over taking up character space in my bio.

+ You get what you give.

You want people to follow you across the board, so do the same for other bloggers and connections. Make an effort to find some of those people you met on Twitter over on Instagram. Maybe even drop them a comment that you're glad you've connected on another platform. Follow a few blogging friends on Pinterest. Hopefully, they'll recognize you (see tip #1) and want to connect!

+ Don't stress over it.

You know the type: the random blogger who is 20K followers strong and following only 3K people decides to follow you, small-time blogger with less than 1K followers, or the random person on Twitter who is very obviously not part of your niche. You can't imagine why either has followed you, but I'll tell you: they, most likely, do not know, or care, what you are posting about and just want your follow. They're not going to follow your other platforms. This does not matter.

You and your content are worth more than every person following you on everything. 

Make as much effort as you want to fully integrate your squad, but don't get too caught up in having an audience of people who are fully engaged on every platform. Recognize that they, like you, prefer certain platforms, so don't take it personally. 

Thoughts? Do you have on online "squad?"


  1. Those are great tips! I try to implement most of what you stated above, and while I think I do have a mini-squad, I definitely wish I connected more with others! I think I expect people to love my blog and everything, but rarely do I ever take the time to engage with other people. That needs to change! I definitely to take more time to comment on people's photos on Instagram, read and comment blog posts and engage with people on Twitter! Because how can I expect people to do the same when I don't even do it?

    1. I totally get you! I'm pretty awful at commenting on blog posts because I either don't think to do it or because I'm reading on my phone and it's not convenient. Commenting more is something on my list of blogging resolutions for the new year!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed these tips! I've been wanting to connect my blog to my other platforms and have been having a lot of trouble figuring out how to do it.


    1. Thanks, Bailey! I'm still pretty new at blogging, and I wasn't sure if I even wanted to connect to social media, but I'm so glad I did. There are a lot of resources out there to help you! And feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions. Bloggers gotta stick together :)


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