November 9, 2016

What to Do When You Want to Do Everything

This past Sunday, I had brunch with one of my friends, and most of what we talked about in those three hours was the future, our interests and passions, our big career and personal plans, and how much has changed since we started school. At one point, I asked her a question, something that I consider a lot: "Do you ever think about how you just want to do everything and try everything, and you wonder how you can possibly do it all, or if you even should?"

Stay with me here, but sometimes I have these moments of what can only be described as awe at everything that's out there. I could, this second, drive to the airport, buy a ticket to anywhere in the world, and get on a plane. I could drive up the coast or across the country. I could walk out the door of my apartment and do, in theory, whatever it is that I want to do. This realization is overwhelming. It's also spectacular. The world is my oyster, as the saying goes. And I want to do so many things, most of them less dramatic than impulsive plane-hopping and three-day road trips: travel all over, take up photography, learn to play the piano, establish myself in NYC, live in Los Angeles, juggle a career in music with content creation and journalism, publish books, get into vlogging....  Blogging used to be on this list, and next month will mark my six-month blogiversary. This was that one thing that I just did (see tip #1). But where do you start when you want to do it all?  

+ Pick one thing and just do it.
Find that one thing on your list that's the easiest to begin, the cheapest, or the most realistic for the place you're at now, and jump in. Stop making excuses as to why you can't do or try something, and make like Nike and just do it. Blogging was my "one thing." I published my first post as part of TIOTP brand on June 1. For me, blogging began as something that I wanted to do because I love to write and, after following other blogs for a while, decided: "Hey, I could do that!" So I did. I, quite literally, jumped back into it and just did it; it's truly been a rewarding five months. In short: take the risk.

+ Write down all the reasons you can do something. 
Going off the first tip: you are your biggest critic and can probably come up with five reasons not to do a particular thing for every one reason you can find to do it, so list all the reasons why you can/should do or try something or take up a new hobby. An example from my own life? Piano lessons. Why can/should I take piano lessons? I've wanted to learn for as long as I can remember. There are resources available to me around every corner. I'm pursuing a career in music. I love the piano as an instrument. Think like this, and you're already one step closer. 

+ Talk to someone.
Your friends and family see you in a different light and can sometimes tell when something is or is not the right fit for you. I've been told that my enthusiasm is really clear when I get to talking about music and that my love for writing is obvious in my work and dedication. Talking to someone who knows you well might help you to see your aspirations in a new way because hearing it said aloud can help you make new connections, reaffirm your feelings, or lead to an evaluation of what's truly suited to who you are.

+ See what you can pair up.
Are there two things on your list that go well together? You could learn or do these things in tandem. An example from my own list would be photography and content creation/journalism. Investing in a camera and learning the basics of aperture and all that jazz would bring a lot to the table for me now (better blog photos, dabbling in concert photography) and in the future (as a publication contributor, content creator/blogger, etc.). This way, I'd kill two birds with one stone (excuse the cliché) by honing in on a skill, while using that practice to further another of the many things on my list. 

What's something on your "I-want-to-do-everything" list?


  1. I totally relate to this perspective! I've always considered myself a gypsy soul when it comes to my career. I want to try it all! Blogging is my "one thing" in this sense, because it allows me to dabble in the worlds of marketing and photography - two paths I'd love to try a career in! The tips you gave in this post are great ways to put our dreams into perspective.

    1. Thanks so much, Emily! I'm also interested in marketing, and blogging helps a ton with learning social media branding. I've done this for companies before, but building a personal brand is something completely different and unique to being a blogger/content creator. Good luck with all you hope to try out!

  2. I so appreciate you saying all this! This is something I've often thought of, by taking the plunge and doing anything you want to. I feel college truly opened my eyes to all the potentials out there in the world, as we do live in such a unique age of being able to try out so many things. I'd love to do more with web design or instructional technology as a teacher. The world is our oyster!

    1. Aw, I'm so glad you liked my post! Blogging and web design go hand-in-hand, so that would be a great thing for you to get into :)


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