October 5, 2016

Where I'm At Right Now/Life Update

Things are happening so fast. Spring enrollment doesn’t open until November, but I met with my advisor on Friday for my graduation check. Typing this, I have to pause to let it sink in. I have just 12 classes, two semesters, 138 class days, just over a calendar year (is there another way I can phrase this?) left until I walk across that stage to collect my diploma. It doesn’t feel real to me. I’m so excited, and I truly believe that I won’t look back and miss being in college. At the same time, I’m nervous. I can't imagine how college seniors must feel.

Because I'm a transfer student and switched out of the business school into the communications school my second semester at UM, you'd think I'd have a lot of catching up to do course-wise, and I even expected it. But, if you didn't know, I'm graduating an entire semester early. My transfer credits were applied beautifully, and I had some AP coursework leftover from high school, so 36 credits from now,  I'll graduate with a B.S.C. and a minor.

What else is going on? We might be getting Matthew tomorrow. Hurricane Matthew, that is. I'm more than fine with sacrificing a few days of class (a valid excuse to stay in bed all day watching Netflix and the storm rage from inside) so long as we don't lose power; I did fill up my gas tank and buy three liters of water today like the good adult I am. I have a couple of important due dates coming up— the first project for my design class and the three-page rough outline for a 20-page research paper on music streaming are due within two days of each other.

This weekend will be spent doing (a lot) of schoolwork, exam prep, and blog post writing and scheduling, and I'm hoping that the weather won't cancel my Sunday brunch plans. Next weekend, I'll probably drive home to take my car in for his 10K servicing (#adultthings) before I put on 400 miles roundtrip to Orlando for fall break.

Ah, fall break. We college students eagerly await your arrival in two short weeks. I was supposed to go up to NYC/CT for a few days, but my plans changed, so instead of staying local, I decided to visit a friend whom I haven't seen since December. She goes to school at UCF, so I'll be doing the four-hour drive (I see an extra long playlist and a large iced coffee in my future) from Coral Gables to Orlando either the last day of classes before break or the first day of break, depending on exams. I'm actually not the biggest Disney World fan (I've been a million times + theme park food + little kids), but I am so excited to spend a day at either Epcot or Magic Kingdom with one of my closest friends. I'll definitely post a weekend/fall break recap if I remember to take enough photos :)

What are your fall break plans?


  1. Our fall break is just a four day weekend lol. Sounds like you have a lot going on! Have fun/good luck. :)

    Alix | www.apintsizedlife.com

    1. Our fall break is a four-day weekend, too (Oct. 19-23). Thank you, and enjoy your time off! :)

  2. I hope the storm isn't too bad for you! It sounds like you have a super-productive weekend planned!

    Fizz and Frosting

    1. Thanks, Lauren! Matthew has thankfully passed my area overnight!


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