October 12, 2016

Tips for a Seasonal Instagram Feed

I've gotten a few kind comments recently (aww, thanks!) about the fall theme that's happening on my Instagram feed right now. I didn't intend on this happening (Florida doesn't have fall), but when I looked back through all of my recent photos, I realized that, yes, I do have a fall theme going. As I scrolled further back, I realized that all of my photos seem to flow seasonally; I didn't do this on purpose, but I've decided that I really like the way it looks (why I think you should curate an Instagram theme here).  

Fall (pops of orange and earthy hues)... 

... transitioned from late summer (darker blues, warmer colors)...

...which transitioned from summer (lots of blue and white) 

...which will eventually transition into Christmas! (My December feed is literally going to be lit— I cannot wait.)

Why curate a seasonal feed? I think that it's both fun and something different! Your pictures start to match up with seasons and colors, and, looking at old photos, you realize that you've come to associate pictures that are tied to calendar months with specific memories (e.g. those yummy doughnuts you ate on a summer vacation, what you were reading as the weather started to change, or who you spent last Sunday brunch with). Like smells, colors evoke emotional associations. And after all, wasn't Instagram intended to be a way for users to share their lives and memories through photos? So, maybe you've decided that you want to try out a seasonal feed (yay!). Here are my tips.

+ Edit all your photos the same way.

I use the M5 filter on VSCO for all of my pictures, and I typically use the same exposure, contrast, saturation, etc., with a few adjustments depending on the lighting the photo was taken in. Using the same editing techniques lends cohesiveness to your entire feed, so once you start a seasonal transition, it looks natural and melds well with all of your previous photos. 

+ Brainstorm colors and content.

I don't mean go out and make elaborate outlines— it's just an Instagram feed— but take a few minutes to come up with some ideas for seasonal content. Ask yourself what colors you associate with each season; I mentioned some of mine up top, but, as another example, I associate lots of red, green, silver, and gold with Christmas/December. Once you have your colors, think about what photos would complement them. For example: If your colors for fall are orange and earth tones, a snap of your setup at a cozy coffee shop or a flatlay of your favorite plaid scarf and leather booties could work. Also brainstorm seasonal words to help you come up with content. What comes to mind when you think of fall? Perhaps "pumpkins," "warm," "cozy," etc.

+ Balance negative space with close-ups.

I would recommend this whether you choose to go with a seasonal feed or not. I try to stick to this rule of thumb (I think I read it in an Anthro Instagram caption), but it's harder than you'd think it is. You might not like the way a picture with negative space looks next to a close-up, or you might not have one that matches your aesthetic. It's not the end of the world if you don't balance out your feed spatially, but it makes it all the more visually appealing!

+ Adjust temperature settings.

I suggest that you mess with temperature sparingly because if you're not careful, the photo could turn out really distorted and awkward, but don't be afraid to test out warmer and cooler settings to make a photo match better with the photos you already have.

+ Look for photo opps everywhere.

Cute display of holiday decor at Target? Take a picture. Witty sign outside a coffee shop? Picture. Pop of color somewhere that would fit in with your photos? Snap it. You get the idea. This way, when you need a picture to post, you'll have a number of photos to choose from that you've taken while you're out and about.

What do you think about starting a seasonal feed?


  1. I love the idea of a fall theme! I absolutely love your Instagram account, so these tips are really helpful! I've been trying to figure out a fall theme for myself lately... so I'll definitely keep this post in mind!

    1. Thanks, Amelie! Once you get the hang of your "theme," keeping it is pretty easy! And using the same filters helps a ton :)


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