October 19, 2016

My Solo Road Trip Essentials

Today's the day— I'm headed to Orlando for fall break! Or, depending on what time you're reading this, I'm driving there or I'm already there. After I finished Monday's post, I was sort of at a loss as to what to post on Wednesday. Last night, I still didn't have a post and was wondering whether I'd have to send out an apology tweet, but then I was like, "Hey, you just made a road trip playlist, so why not write up a road trip essentials post?" Thus, this entry was drafted. Keep in mind that this post assumes that you're the driver, so you won't have need of a book, headphones, or a Rubik's cube (there's no judgment in this corner of the Internet) because, well, you'll be driving :)

+ Good snacks and a full water bottle
Now, if I was normal, I would actually pack snacks for my trip. Because I'm not normal, there is absolutely no food whatsoever consumed in my car. (True story: I actually scared a friend this one time because she was not expecting such a crazy distraught reaction from me when I looked over to see her nibbling a brownie that I'd brought her. ) Assuming I was normal, however, trail mix would be my snack of choice; in fact, it is, so long as the road trip involves someone else's car. Don't judge me. Or do. I don't really care :)

+ Good music
My "Road Trippin'" playlists here and here.

+ A good duffel
I received a Herschel duffel for Christmas last year (I actually bought my dad the larger version two years ago, so we match now haha), and I love it. For a carry on-sized bag, it accommodates quite a bit, and it has a mesh pocket inside and a zipper pocket outside.

+ A good tote
All my clothes and toiletries go into my duffel, but I think bringing an additional tote is useful. I'll be bringing my school bag with me and shoving some non-school things into it, but I like to use it as my personal item for airport travel, too.

+ Phone charger for the car
Don't take the chance that your phone might die because if something comes up— a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, you get into an accident, you get really lost— you could have an even bigger problem on your hands. A lot of cars come with charging cables now, and you can get a cheap car charger from almost anywhere.

And a couple of road trip "hacks" for you:

+ Map it before you get going
I feel like this has to be obvious, but maybe it's not. It's smart to have a general idea of where you're going before you start driving, even if Siri will be directing you via Bluetooth and especially if you're going it alone and won't have a navigator in the passenger seat. If you do this, you can also view alternate routes and see which one is actually best, so you can choose that one before Siri picks it for you. I think we've all experienced a map app giving directions that involve unnecessary U-turns and extra mileage.

+ Cruise control is your friend
This is entirely personal preference and not a hack, but I love cruise control. To me, there is nothing better than cruising in the left lane at 80 mph (when there isn't traffic and slow drivers who shouldn't be in the left lane aren't in the way hehe), and you get better mileage this way.

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