October 3, 2016

#MusicMonday // Schoolwork Soundtrack

Happy Music Monday! I tweeted on Saturday that I was looking for blog post suggestions, and one lovely tweep asked for a study playlist. I don't actually listen to music while studying or reviewing class material, but I cannot write any sort of paper or essay without tunes playing in the background. I typically will listen to whatever playlist I've made for the month or to one album, and when I do the latter, I've noticed that I tend to gravitate towards certain artists. To me, the perfect schoolwork soundtrack is made up of songs that are upbeat but not too upbeat. What I mean by that is that the songs are catchy and motivating, but they aren't so distracting that I'll want to jump up and start singing along. That said, if you need classical music to study, or you were looking for a playlist of lyric-less compositions, sorry: this is probably not the playlist for you. But, if you want to give my "slow alternative" (just came up with that) mix a try, here it is!

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