October 17, 2016

#MusicMonday // Road Trip Playlist No. 2

Fall break is in two days! Two! Okay, so technically it starts on Thursday, but I'm celebrating a bit early and taking off on Wednesday after my last midterm ;) I'm headed to Orlando to spend my break with one of my best friends from high school, and I'm pretty excited for our day at Magic Kingdom when it's all festive and fall-ish. The drive from Miami to Orlando is about four hours each way, so I'll definitely need (in addition to a fresh iced coffee) a good playlist that's not only long enough so that I won't need to start another one, but also varied enough that I won't get bored. I made another road trip playlist (here, if you're interested), but this one is about double the length and, frankly, better. If you're readying for a long drive, or if you're just interested in a really long playlist, this one's for you.

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