October 14, 2016

How to Write a Killer College Résumé (Plus a Free Template!)

My resumé went through several rounds of editing and tweaking before it became professionally acceptable and something that I'm now happy to send to potential employers. As for what you do and do not need on your own, find that below. Want a free template so you can put these strategies into practice? Sign up for access to my resource library!

+ Contact information

Top of the page, centered: your full name with middle initial, your email and phone number, and the city that you're currently living in.

+ Job experience

Each job entry needs to include the name of the company you worked for, the location of the company, and the dates you worked there. It should also have 4-5 bullet points detailing what you did at the job, and each bullet should start with an action verb.

+ Education

Your university/college and the degree that you anticipate to graduate with, along with your anticipated month and year of graduation, should be at the bottom.

+ Skills

Your skills should be listed between your last job entry and your education details. Keep it brief: it's a list, not an explanation.

+ Do not include:

  • Your objective. I know, I know— doesn't your resumé need this?! My school's career center actually advised against it while you're still a student. When you're applying to a full-time job once you're out of school, add one. 
  • Any high school activities. 

+ Other things to know:

  • Try your very best to keep your resumé to one page. 
  • Double space it. 
  • The font needs to be easy to read; Times New Roman, size 10-12, is your best bet. Don't get funky with color and style, either.
  • Keep everything aligned and left justified (except for your contact info. at the top). 
  • When sending your résumé to employers, send a PDF instead of a Word doc. 
  • You can also add important affiliations/clubs and publications you've written/write for underneath the "skills" section. 


  1. I've been super curious as to include high school activities or not! Thank you for sharing these very helpful tips.


    1. I'm so glad you found my post helpful, Bailey! :)


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