September 7, 2016

Social Media Platforms + Your Personal Brand: A Mini-Guide

Integrating your blog/business/personal brand with your social media accounts can be a tricky thing. Some platforms might work better for certain content you want to promote, you might have a considerably larger following on one platform versus another, you might just not like certain platforms... the list goes on. Thus, today's post was born. It definitely took some time to write, but I hope that it's helpful for anyone trying to build his/her personal brand. 

I've set up this post in a way that I hope is easy to follow: pros and cons of each platform as it relates to blogging come first, followed by a little more detail and my own personal experience. I am by no means a social media expert; this post is based solely on what I've found to be true and the patterns I've noticed on social media mixed up with my opinions.

  + Twitter
Pros: Great traffic generator, relevant hashtags, character limit good for brevity, Twitter chats
Cons: Good and bad times to tweet

• Twitter is actually my favorite partner platform for blogging because:
+ It's a great traffic generator. Throw up a link, maybe use a few hashtags, and it's really easy for your followers to retweet and share your content.
+ There are Twitter chats. I talk more about that, and which chats I participate in, here, but essentially they connect you with other bloggers in real-time.
• But, there are "good" and "bad" times to tweet, and if you tweet at a "bad" time, your tweet could get lost in the shuffle. 
Pros: Photos are a fun way to share things, no real "bad" time to post 
Cons: Pressure to keep a theme, your IG followers might not be reading your blog, high unfollower rate

I mentioned in my blogging tips post that having a cohesive/attractive Instagram feed is a great tool for engagement and for building a following. That being said, don't be so obsessive about your theme that it takes the fun out of taking and editing photos. I use the same filter settings in VSCO, maybe with a few little adjustments, for all my pictures, and even though I take all of my flatlay-type photos against the same white background, the shade of white doesn't always turn out the same. This really bothered me at first (huge perfectionist here), but I decided that it really didn't matter and that I like the way my feed is turning it. You can always mix up your theme, and just remember that the more pictures you have, the less likely it is you'll even notice what was bothering you!

Your Insta followers may not transfer over on to your blog; in other words, the people who follow you on IG may or may not actually be reading your content— in fact, most probably aren't, especially if you have a large following. Some people might just follow you for your aesthetic, which is all well and good, but isn't the point of having an Instagram account for your blog to generate traffic to your blog? If you answered "yes," connecting with other bloggers whose blogs you like or whose content you share on Twitter is a good way to work on this!

Finally, it seems like Instagram is the hardest platform when it comes to retaining followers. There's nothing you can do when a random business, Etsy shop, or restaurant follows you just to get their name out there and unfollows you two days later. There are also a lot of Instagram users who are just looking for a follow back and who will unfollow you if you don't #follow4follow. That's okay, though, because that leaves you with followers who follow you for your content and who will leave genuine comments on your pictures.

+ Pinterest
Pros: Can generate lots of traffic, high follower retention, group boards
Cons: Not all posts are "pinnable," not as easy to integrate with other social media

• Pinterest can be your best friend when it comes to certain types of posts. How-tos, tips, recipes... if you can make a good featured image for a post, it's probably Pinterest-friendly. If the content is not Pinterest-friendly (e.g. a personal story), don't force it to fit the platform. Other pinners are less likely to save these types of pins and read your original post.
• If Instagram has the highest rate of followers lost, Pinterest has the highest follower retention. It's not often that people follow and unfollow a board because if it's an interest of theirs, they'll want to see the content that you pin to it.
• Pinning to a group board can also get your posts out to more people.

+ Facebook
Pros: Easy to set up, easy to connect with friends and family, blogging groups
Cons: Not as relevant as other platforms

I actually don't have a Facebook page for my blog (update: I made one! Connect with me here), and I don't see myself creating one, really. I didn't know whether I should when I was first getting my social media accounts off the ground (I'm still getting there haha), and when I tweeted about it, those who responded said they only really use FB for blogging groups. That being said, there's no reason you shouldn't join FB; I've just chosen to focus on other platforms!

+ Snapchat
Pros: Different look into your personal "brand"
Cons: Engagement/traffic is not trackable, might make you feel that you need to share more than you want to 

Another platform I don't personally use, but I've noticed that a lot of bloggers like using Snap for blogging and connecting with other bloggers because it gives a different, more personal look into someone's life that you can't get from her written content because it's another form of media entirely. I don't really want to create another Snap account just for blogging purposes, but I'm also not totally okay with the idea of expanding my personal account to include my blogging life. I'm definitely willing to post on Insta stories, but typically it's just not something I think to do.

If you found this post helpful, think I missed something, or have something to add, please let me know! (And read why I don't have personal social accounts here.)


  1. Love all your pros & cons! Snapchat is so fun for me to use on a more personal level to promote my brand, but I hate that they haven't thought of analytics yet!

    xx, Jamie

    1. I completely agree that Snapchat is so fun! I'm thinking more and more that I should consider putting my snap username out there just to see what happens....


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