September 28, 2016

101 in 1001, No. 2

My first 101 in 1001 list expired on Monday. I completed 66/101 things, which amounts to just over 65% of the list. That's not bad, but it's not amazing. At the same time, I should give myself more credit because I created the list in January of 2014, as a senior in high school, and since then, a ton of my long-term and short-term goals have changed and/or become more defined. That said, I'm excited to tackle this new list that will expire in June 2019, at which point I'll be 23 (whaaaaat?). College will have been behind me for over two years, and I'll be living who knows where doing who knows what. So weird. But so exciting. Without further rambling, here's my 101 in 1001, part two.

Start: September 27, 2016
End: June 25, 2019

1.     Graduate college
2.     Land my first post-college job
3.     Move to LA or back to NYC
4.     Move into my first non-studio
5.     Start writing for an online magazine/blog again
6.     Summer 2017 = awesome internship
7.     Cover a concert (review and photo pass)

8.     Invest in a DSLR
9.     Reach 1000 followers on Instagram
10. Do an outfit post for the blog
11. Meet another blogger IRL
12. Vlog for a day, even if I don’t post it
13. Collaborate with another blogger
14. Create a post series for the blog (#JingleBlogs, #LifeWritten)
15. Rebrand/update blog design
16. Put up a new post every day for two weeks
17. Schedule one month’s worth of content (January 2017)
18. Find two new Twitter chats to participate in (#createlounge and #theswarmsocietychat)
19. First brand collab
20. Create a media kit (?)
21. Rebrand all old photos
22. Create/promote email list content
23. Come up with a new posting schedule
24. Post more on Insta stories or make a blog Snapchat

25. Eat vegan for five days
26. Take a baking class
27. Bake Christmas cookies
28. Make homemade doughnuts
29. Go one week without eating any baked goods/dessert
30. Green smoothie for breakfast every day for one week
31. Make homemade almond butter
32. Bake and decorate a layer cake
33. Overnight French toast in the crockpot
34. Try green tea
35. Find a wine I actually like
36. Make five new recipes from my Pinterest baking board (2/5 spice cake for Thanksgiving, gingerbread balls)
37. Eat fresh produce every day for a week
38. Run (or walk) a marathon
39. Work out three times a week for a month
40. Walk the mile (and the mile back) to downtown

41. Celebrate my 21st birthday
42. Finish my first book and go for publication
43. Fall in love
44. Volunteer at an animal shelter or with the elderly/donate to a cause
45. Unplug for 24 hours
46. Adopt a dog (?)
47. One month without buying coffee
48. Read 36+ books (1/36 The Marriage Plot)
49. Pay it forward 
50. Keep a happy journal for at least one month
51. No social media for 24 hours
52. Read the letter I wrote to post-college me
53. Open a savings account
54. Figure out a savings to spending ratio (post-college)
55. Inspire someone else to make a list
56. Read Psalms and Proverbs
57. Bible journal every day for a month
58. Read one nonfiction/self-help book
59. Get my second book to 25K

60. Visit Greece again
61. Finally travel to London
62. Visit three new U.S. cities
63. Do Smorgasborg
64. Walk across the Brooklyn bridge
65. Visit Harry Potter World
66. Weekend in the Hamptons
67. Visit Colleen at UCF
68. Disney at Christmastime/ICE at The Gaylord
69. Stay in an Airbnb
70. Take a mini road trip
71. Go to a Broadway show
72. Try at least 10 new restaurants in Miami before graduation 1/10 (Lulu)
73. Spend the day in Miami Beach
74. Visit two local museums

75. Take piano lessons
76. Attend a (big) music festival
77. Volunteer at a music festival
78. See the Nutcracker ballet
79. Make cake pops for family and friends
80. Repurpose a vintage furniture find
81. Start a vinyl collection
82. Send someone snail mail
83. Go to an NBA game
84. Get a second piercing
85. See a musical
86. Add at least four casual dresses to my wardrobe
87. Add a skirt to my closet
88. Finally see The Killers live
89. Finally see The Wombats live
90. Go snorkeling again
91. DIY a (huge) inspiration board
92. Get an Apple watch
93. Come up with 101 things
94. Buy a few “just because” gifts
95.  Purchase and style a bar cart
96.  Brush up on SEO optimization
97. Plant some succulents
98. Purchase artwork for my next, post-college apartment
99. Get an Echo Dot
100. Do a complete closet purge
101. Go to a local band’s show

Do you have a 101 in 1001 list? Tweet me @_alexakoch or leave your link below— I'd love to read it!

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