August 18, 2016

What's in My College Tote?

This type of post may or may not be overdone, what with the huge number of back-to-school posts on every blog right now, but I thought I'd go for it anyway because I want to :) and because my first day of classes is only four days away. I've been using my large Longchamp Le Pliage for two years now (this year will be the third), and, even though everyone and their mother has one, I'd highly recommend it. Durable, weatherproof, easy to clean, holds everything you need, and folds up when you're not using it.

What's in My College Tote?

As for what's actually in my bag, I don't carry that much, oddly. My car keys/key pouch (which I tend to use as my wallet), my trusty Bose earbuds, a mini umbrella, my MacBook Pro, a notebook or two, a planner, and a makeup bag for my pens. I always have a hair tie with me, and sometimes I'll throw in a snack and my laptop/phone charger if I know I'll be on campus a while, but that's it!

What's in your college bag?

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