August 31, 2016

What I've Learned in Three Months of Blogging

Even though I technically started this blog in 2014, it's not the same blog at all. I hardly used it in the first two years of its existence, and I didn't create any social media accounts, or attempt to engage with the blogging community or promote my content (honestly, I didn't even know how to go about either!), until I got back into blogging this past June. That being said, this post is all about what I've learned in three months of consistent blogging. Since June 1st (tomorrow is my three-month blogiversary!), I've published 81 posts, not including today's, so I've picked up on a few things.

+ Don't play the follow-unfollow game...

It's incredibly annoying to have someone follow and then unfollow you when you don't follow back. I've had the same person follow and unfollow me on Twitter three different times. If you do this, whomever you're doing it to will probably notice because your username/handle keeps popping up.

+ ...but don't be afraid to unfollow. 

Going off of my first tip, it's also totally fine to unfollow someone if you realize that you don't really identify with the content they're posting or enjoy following along with their Instagram feed. Unfollowing someone isn't a personal attack, especially when you're first starting out and trying to find your blogging niche. 

+ Post on Instagram frequently and use hashtags. 

I noticed a big difference in not only the number of likes on each picture and my follower count once I started posting a picture daily, but also in my blog's pageview count. An engaged and aesthetically pleasing Instagram account can bring traffic to your blog if you mention a new blog post in the caption and—important— include the link to your latest post in your bio. As far as hashtags, do a little research into your blogging niche to see what tags other bloggers are using, which ones are the most popular, and which ones are the most relevant. 

+ Participate in Twitter chats. 

Before June, I didn't even know what a Twitter chat was. Now, I'm a regular participant in both the #GalPalChat and #BloggingCollege chats. I've met some really cool blogging friends through this type of live talk, and it's really fun to read everyone's real-time responses to whatever we're talking about. 

+ It's about give and take.

If you share a fellow blogger's post or comment something nice on their latest Instagram photo, chances are they'll probably do the same for you. Don't do nothing and expect something in return. 

+ Comparison is a trap.

Sort of related to the last tip, don't compare yourself to other bloggers. It's hard not to get caught up in someone else's follower count or number of blog comments or Pinterest shares, but don't. By all means, use other bloggers' success to motivate you to do your best, but they're your friends, not your competition.

What are your top blogging tips?


  1. Alexa, Congrats on 3 months! I love your blog and the layout is so great. These are wonderful tips, and I so look forward to what you will post in the future!

    1. Thanks so much, Caitlin!! Love your blog layout, too— your header is adorable!


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