August 11, 2016

Seven Really Easy + Healthy Recipes

Confession: I hate to cook. Maybe you're thinking that it's weird that I hate to cook because this is in part a dessert blog and I love to bake. Maybe you're not thinking anything of the sort. But baking and cooking are not the same thing. Probably 80% of dessert recipes involve measuring out a few ingredients, stirring together said ingredients, and then pouring said ingredients into a pan to be baked at 350 degrees. Most recipes for anything that isn't dessert involve lots of ingredients, lots of prep, and lots of separate cooking times. In my opinion, it just isn't worth it when you can Postmates your favorite dish straight to your door or cook something super simple, like an egg.

All that being said, Postmates every night is by no means budget-friendly or reasonable, and, while I'm definitely a breakfast-for-dinner advocate, you can only eat so many eggs. Today I've rounded up the super simple, tasty recipes that require few ingredients, little prep, and little time that I turn to time and again. As you'll see, most of the recipes are skillet-based or one-pan/pot recipes; I personally prefer to make the full recipe for these larger portions so I can freeze half for another time. For more easy and healthy recipes, check out my Pinterest board below!

* I made the switch from dairy milk to almond milk last month, so I was pretty hesitant to try this out with the almond milk, but it turned out fine! Plus, this recipe calls for only one cup of shredded cheese.
** Ground turkey + whole wheat pasta lighten up this spiced chili!

What are your go-to recipes?

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