August 22, 2016

Music Monday // Lolla-faux-looza

Not too long ago, I came across someone's ideal festival lineup (I can't remember whose blog it was or I would link to it), and I loved the idea. Her lineup was for "Fauxchella," and I've seen this name used other places, too, actually. Soooo I decided to make my own dream festival lineup and call it "Lolla-faux-looza" (it was that or "Music Mocktown" haha). I apologize for all those parentheses in such a short amount of space, but I just love my punctuation and my extraneous thoughts, I guess. Without any further rambling on my part, here are all of today's "festival-friendly" artists (let's not get into my new wave favorites... here I go again with the parentheses) who have been on past lineups and who I'd love to see in one place. 

Who's on your ideal festival lineup?!

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