August 4, 2016

Four Ways to Resist Online Shopping

We all fall victim to it. You get your paycheck and immediately want to spend all that money on food new clothes, even though you told yourself you'd save it. You overcome the temptation, and you're feeling good about your life choices, when it's suddenly 1 AM, and you find yourself filling a virtual shopping cart with all the things. Let me, a fellow addict, attempt to help you.

This first one is probably the most obvious but probably the most difficult. Aside from granting access to everything you shouldn't buy, the Internet and social media are constantly throwing new products, sales, and special discounts at you, left and right. It's pretty hard to escape the material culture, especially when you're scrolling through pics of other bloggers' latest purchases and having major outfit envy. So, if you feel motivated enough, try to stay offline a bit more. It's a great excuse to do something else, technology-free, like read, write in a journal, or tackle a DIY.

Come up with new outfit ideas with what you already own. 
Put on some music, make a style board on Pinterest (but don't buy anything while you're online!) for inspiration, and match up the pieces in your closet in new ways. This will also help you figure out if there are any items that you need that you don't have; that way you can buy a few things, but things that you actually could use.

Make plans! 
If you're not at home, you probably won't have access to a computer, so you can't shop. It can be as simple as that.

Keep your goals in mind. 
It's totally fine to treat yourself once in a while, but "once in a while" can quickly turn into "often" if you're not careful. Keeping your goals in mind can keep you in check. That $80 pair of shoes might seem like everything you need in this world at this moment, but what about next month when you need to buy groceries or pay your utility bill? You may be able to justify those $200 dollar boots because they're discounted down from $500, but what about when you need to make the security deposit on your new apartment? I personally see one huge goal at the end of this tunnel of college budgeting: moving to LA when I graduate. And that won't happen if all my smaller purchases keep adding up.

How do you resist the temptation of online shopping? 

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