July 11, 2016

Music Monday // Vinyl Wishlist

I can't believe it's already been a month of Music Monday posts! (Does anyone read these? Someone should because I have great taste in music ;)) But anyway, I had asked for a record/vinyl player this past Christmas, but I'm not sure Santa got the memo hehe. At the risk of sounding like a semi-pretentious hipster, vinyl really is the closest you can get to what live music sounds like. While my Bose headphones deliver excellent quality (would definitely recommend these), that crispness is still nothing like a live show. And besides, who keeps their headphones in while at home? Home is for playing music loud on an external speaker. And, preferably, that external speaker is a high-quality vinyl player.

Vinyl is not just a music medium; buying an album is starting a collection, or adding to an existing collection, and the packaging and presentation is important. The albums below are some of my all-time favorite records from start to finish, albums that I can listen to over and over, that simply can't be overplayed and that I just want to own on vinyl.

Hot Fuss // The Killers
Favourite Worst Nightmare // Arctic Monkeys
Glitterbug // The Wombats
The 1975 // The 1975
Before the Waves // Magic Man
Vessel/Blurryface // twenty øne piløts
1 // The Beatles
VHS // X Ambassadors
Crazy Love/Christmas // Michael Bublé (no shame— also a big Sinatra fan)

Do you get me on this whole vinyl thing?

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