July 25, 2016

Music Monday // Band of the Day... Night Riots

Who :: Night Riots
Where from :: Templeton (just outside SLO), California
Sound/genre :: Synth-heavy pop-rock/neo-New Wave (yep, I just made that up)
Favorite song(s) :: Roam, Berelain, Follow You, Back to Your Love, Contagious, Young Lore
Probably on a playlist with :: The Killers, U2, Bad Suns
Have I seen them live? Yep—twice.
Why I love them :: What's not to love? Travis has a killer voice, and all of their songs are great— really, there isn't one I don't like. The lyrics are original and well-thought out, and the synth-heavy, new wavey music makes you want to dance. Also, all the guys in the band are really sweet (see picture of Travis and I above!)

Ever heard of Night Riots? 

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