July 8, 2016

Let's Get Brunch In... Boca Raton, FL

I was born and raised in Boca, and while there are some things I don't like about my hometown, it's a pretty great city to have grown up in. Clean, well-kept, easy access to everything, beaches... not all that much to do culture-wise, but there are tons of great restaurants in every cuisine, and there are always new ones popping up. Cliché as it may be, brunch is my favorite meal of the day (unless dessert counts as a meal?), and, as in every city I've lived, I definitely play favorites in Boca.


Max's is one of my favorite restaurants in Boca, if not my favorite. Everyone knows about Max's brunch, and you usually can't get in the door on a Saturday or Sunday without a reservation. If the weather permits, definitely sit outside.  

Order: The apple butter-stuffed, cornflake-crusted brioche French toast, the huevos tostadas, or an omelette. (If you find yourself here for dinner, do yourself a favor and order the Southwestern Cobb or applewood bacon-wrapped meatloaf.)

Located near the Boca Resort & Club, this new American/gastropub-type place serves seasoned popcorn instead of bread before your meal, so hopefully that gives you a better idea of the things you might find on this unique menu that they change every so often. Plus, the restaurant plays good music and has lots of cool artwork and light fixtures. 

Order: The pork belly benedict or the short rib and potato hash (I had the hash just this past Saturday) and "The Food Coma"—a seasonal variation on stuffed French toast— for dessert. 

I love restaurants that change up their menus regularly, I love farm-to-table restaurants, and I love restaurants that serve new versions of Southern classics. Enter Tucker Duke's Lunchbox. They're famous for their burgers, but I'm definitely on the "br-" side of "brunch" and would rather have eggs or pancakes over any lunch offerings. Everything I've eaten here has been good except, ironically, the burger (I think I got a funky batch of meat or something), so you can't really go wrong. The only negative is that the restaurant is located next to a Dunkin' Donuts, so they're not allowed to serve coffee, which is kind of ridiculous, but hey, what can you do?

Order: Anything with eggs. Really. Or the crème Brûlée French toast.

What this place lacks in atmosphere, it makes up for in food. I'm not really the diner type, but this place has been around forever, and the food is the type of comfort food that warms your heart and soul, even if it might not be good for you at all the healthiest option.

Order: Western "Breakfast in a Pot" or the "Aunt Polly"

Rocco's is one of my favorites for any meal (the best guacamole and chips and the most delicious street-style tacos), so I'm probably a little biased, but Mexican food + brunch? There's really no room for error.

Order: The Benedict Azteca or the huevos rancheros divorciados

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