July 12, 2016

Lemon Lemonies

I made a pan of these lemon lemonies last summer as a late birthday present for a friend, and they turned out so good. Even my mom loved them and has been begging me to make them again, and she claims to not like lemony desserts. Oh, I mean my mom would have loved them, had we sampled them before I gifted them to my friend. Which we definitely didn't do....

via Averie Cooks

Anyway, these citrusy treats are really easy to make, packed with lemon flavor, and delicious— in other words, the perfect summertime dessert. The lemonies are rich and fudgy because they're made with white chocolate, but all that lemon juice in the bars and in the glaze, plus the lemon zest on top, keeps them tasting light and fresh. 

Do you like citrusy desserts in the summer, too?

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