July 14, 2016

4-Step Cold-Brew

Like most, I have an expensive habit of buying coffee. For some reason, I'm really attracted to the idea of iced or cold brew coffee in a store-bought disposable plastic cup with a plastic straw. A cup that someone else prepared and that I just spent between $2.89 and $4.50 on. I just want that experience for whatever reason. Anyway, I don't have a coffee maker in my apartment, and I prefer iced or cold-brewed over hot coffee, so I haven't purchased one. I kept seeing pins on my Pinterest feed for cold brewing coffee at home, so I finally gave it a try. 


And it did not go so well. I made a big batch of it, thinking it would last me the entire week. It was a huge mess because I didn't have proper filtration, and the coffee I managed to salvage was weak and watered down. I wasn't giving up that easily, so I tried something else. My life changed overnight (haha get it?). It's the easiest thing ever, and cold brewing at home saves both time and money. So, what is my method? Simply follow the regular brewing instructions on your package of coffee grounds, adjusting the strength to your liking. I usually add 2 tbsp. ground coffee to every 6 oz. water. 

Then shake it up in a mason jar and pop it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, place a coffee filter over the top of a mug, folding the sides a bit so there's a sort of overhang (like it's gripping the mug), pour the coffee through the filter, and then toss the grounds. That's it!
Measure, mix, steep, and filter. I usually don't have any issues, but the filter has slipped into the mug once or twice, but even still, it's an easy fix— just re-filter!

Have you tried cold-brewing at home?

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