June 8, 2016

The Big Questions: Moving, A Real Job, Grad School, $$

In light of yesterday's post, I've been thinking (again...for a change...) about what happens once I graduate. I have a savings goal, which I am praying that I will meet (graduating a whole semester early, though saving on tuition dollars, cuts into my student income) in time. While it looks like I'm on track, I can't help but be nervous. I really do not want to live at home for a few months before I can afford to move cross-country, even though I know plenty of graduates do just this. 

As long as the place has a Los Angeles zip code, for all I care my next apartment can house just a mattress while I look for a job. That's another thing— you can't really move across the country as a recent grad with a job on lock-down. It happens, sure, but it's definitely not a guarantee. Once commencement approaches, I'll start asking around and putting my connections to good use, but I'm not making any bets yet. I'll more than likely move first because even if I was to secure an interview—and then land the job— the turnaround would probably be pretty quick. It's a 40-hour drive from Miami to LA, and a potential employer might not want to wait for me to find an apartment, sign a lease, and, only after all that, actually move across the country. 

Moving clear across the continental United States without a job is slightly terrifying, but it's also super exciting. Once I get there, it will be a whirlwind of setting up my new apartment, getting used to/discovering my new neighborhood and city, and then an intensive job hunt. That leads me to another big consideration; the music industry is not easy to break into, so I'm willing to take pretty much any job to get my foot in the door. (And I might have to take pretty much anything, anyway, if I'm going to pay my bills hehe.) A "real" job sort of terrifies me, though. I just can't work a 9-5 desk job, and I know that's what so many people have. I don't want to work in an office. I need to be in the field, doing things, going places, having informal coffee meetings. The thought of having to work for hours in an office makes me quite unnerved and unhappy; I have spent the last two summers working 35-40 hours a week in an office, and it is not a life I envision for myself. That being said, the music industry is incredibly flexible, encompassing so many different careers, and its heart beats in LA, so I'm hopeful that I can land something really exciting, even fresh out of college.

Finally, there's the question of furthering my education. I've been getting this one a lot lately. Everyone wants to know if I'm planning to get my Master's, and when I reply that I'm not sure, they look at me gravely and nod: "If you don't get it once you graduate undergrad, you never will." But do I need it? For what I want to do, is all the time and money worth it? I'm struggling with answering this question, and I'm not sure who to discuss it with, either. 

For now, these are just questions. I'm confident that God will get me where I need to go and be with me on this journey!

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