June 9, 2016

Right Now I'm...

I thought I'd try out writing a bi-/weekly blurb on everything I'm listening to, reading, etc. Inspired by Mackenzie's "Currently" posts, here's my first list!

Listening to... X Ambassadors. I knew that I liked a couple of their songs, but I'm not all that familiar with the band and hadn't really looked into them too much. I ended up with a couple of free concert tickets for their show tonight, so I've been listening to them all this week. "Gorgeous" is probably my favorite song, and "B.I.G." and "Jungle" are straight-up jams. 

Reading... I was reading a novel, Let the Great World Spin, up until a few weeks ago, but I ended up leaving it at work and won't be back there until August. So... I'm not reading anything at the moment but would like to pick up a music industry book or a motivational book for something different, since I'm always reading fiction.

Eyeing... This shirt in grey, which, aside from the color, is something kind of dissimilar from other things in my closet. The cut seems really flattering, and I love the deep front slit and tassels. I saw it in the store on Sunday and, to my surprise, instantly loved it but didn't end up getting it. Definitely considering it now, though....

Looking forward to... Another concert next week and starting my summer job!

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