June 20, 2016

Music Monday: Panic! At the Disco at Bayfront Park

Last Tuesday was the fifth time I've seen Panic! in concert. Still one of my favorites, even if I sometimes feel like I should probably ditch it because I'm 20 years old and their fanbase is largely punk-loving teens with blue hair.... Anyway, I stand by my love for the band (band being only Brendon Urie at this point but hey, technicalities). They're on tour with Andrew McMahon and Weezer this summer. Not a Weezer fan, but I've nothing against them, though I will say they were quite not good live. McMahon was pretty good, even if he didn't play the two songs I really wanted to hear. He came out into the audience a few times, and at one point he walked through the lawn seating singing and trailing a colorful parachute. Definitely a fun/cute opening act.

Brendon killed it, though. I hadn't seen him perform since May of last year, and the new album dropped in January, so I've been waiting what feels like forever to hear the new material. He played a pretty good mix of old stuff and new stuff and two of my favorites off of the new album, "Death of a Bachelor" and "Golden Days." I was a little disappointed (ok, more than a little) that he didn't do "House of Memories" or serenade us with "Impossible Year" (or even "The End of All Things"), but I was so beyond happy to be there at all. As always, he nailed the falsettos and the stage performance, executing his signature backflip without a hitch. The stage show itself was really cool, too, with Death of a Bachelor-inspired graphics and video clips on the screen. I was surprised to hear "Bohemian Rhapsody" again, which he covered last tour, but it's really quite an amazing feeling when everyone around you is singing along in tribute to a song from a band as iconic as Queen.

The venue, Bayfront Park, was much larger than I expected, and we had pretty good seats in Section 7, even if I prefer GA pit (the amphitheater only offers GA lawn). The weather was perfect, too, and it was overall a great night spent in Downtown Miami.

(As I mentioned last Monday, I stopped taking pictures at concerts because I find that it's much better to just enjoy the show in person, but I did take the above pictures at another Panic! concert a couple  of years ago.)

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