June 23, 2016

June Favorites

After I went in search of a particular brand of bottled coffee apparently only sold in LA-based Whole Foods stores and failed, I settled on this bottled cold brew. I wasn't sure if I'd like it because a) I'd never tried almond milk and b) I never add sugar, and don't often add milk, to my coffee. I bought it anyway and it's actually quite good. Something different and refreshing in the afternoon. 

Once I finished my tube of Urban Decay's Perversion, I thought I would try something else before I switched back to my favorite, Diorshow. I did like Perversion, but the formula contains a lash-growing ingredient, which, quite honestly, was starting to freak me out a little because my lashes were getting so long haha. My mom offered me this Estee Lauder deluxe sample that she'd recently gotten with a purchase, so I thought I'd try it out. At first, I did not like the product at all. It went on clumpier than I was used to, though a few coats will de-clump your lashes. The formula is really thick and black and made it look like maybe my eyelashes were fake. I decided that it was okay and that I was probably being too dramatic (a problem I tend to have) because my large-framed glasses kind of offset it, and now, two weeks later, I'm actually really liking it. 

I'm obsessed with these shoes. I had been in the market for a pair of new running shoes but didn't want to make too big a splurge. I ended up finding these in DSW and fell in love. I had a pair of Nikes a few years ago and ended up giving them away, which I regret now, but these are sleek, black, and beautiful and make me want to work out (weird how a pair of shoes can do that). I happily broke them in (really only a figure of speech because a good pair of Nikes doesn't need any breaking in) during Tuesday's 30 minute cardio session.

I knew I'd like these before I tried them because I love all the Nature Valley products (except the peanut ones— I'm allergic, so for obvious reasons). These are basically crunchy cinnamon sandwich cookies with almond butter in the middle. Made with whole grains and other good-for-you ingredients, these make for the perfect snack or even dessert.

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