June 3, 2016

Feeling Uninspired

I've written more for this blog in the last few days than I have in months. I'm always writing, but I write for myself— journaling, anxieties, thoughts I have, a couple unfinished books— things I wouldn't necessarily want to share online, even if no one ever finds them. I've tried to get inspired by other people's suggestions for blog posts, but few of the dozens of ideas I've read through resonate with me. Many of the suggestions I've seen center on fashion or material things. Yes, I love shopping for clothes and defining my personal style, but I just don't enjoy writing about it very much. The occasional photoset of looks that I'm loving is okay, but much else aside from that is not something I find exciting. The same goes for things; I think I've done a few "favorites" posts or "wishlist" posts, and while I like reading these sorts of posts, I do not like writing them... at all, really. 

I've found that I enjoy writing most about experiences and places, music and activities, more than stuff and things and objects, so that's what I'm going to try to do. I hope that writing about these things will keep me motivated and inspired to blog more consistently because writing really does make me feel better and happier; and maybe my posts could even inspire someone else to write what s/he wants to write. 

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