June 2, 2016

Favorite Coffee Shops

I'll admit to being a coffee snob. I'd like to think that I keep the pretentiousness that comes with being any sort of snob to a minimum, but I'm the first to acknowledge that I'm picky.Very picky. And while I don't profess to being an expert on brewing methods or anything like that, I know what I like and what I don't. I'll also readily admit that I'm a sucker for the whole counterculture/hipster coffee movement— you know, tables made from locally-sourced trash, tree-friendly napkins, all that jazz. There are also dozens of coffee shops I've yet to try (yes, I keep a running list), so keep that in mind while reviewing my top three favorites (three because this post could become too long, too quickly....).

one:: Think Coffee, NYC

via Think Coffee

Hands-down my favorite coffee shop. I don't even have to Think about this one, and no, I don't just like it for the many puns its name can garner. Think has only a handful of locations, all in New York City, but fear not: you can order the beans online to brew at home. They offer exactly what I want in an iced latte: cold and very bitter espresso. It's almost fruity. Plus, Think has really yummy baked goods, like banana nut bread and carrot muffins. 

two:: Panther Coffee, Miami

With Think no longer accessible to me, Panther has become my replacement. The closest Panther to me has the worst parking situation, but luckily, several cafes around Miami serve their beans. The cafe where I get my fix never seems to have any cold brew, unfortunately, so I typically get an iced 
Americano, black or with the smallest splash of skim milk. The prices tend to keep me away, though; spending nearly $5 a day or every other day on coffee is not really college student budget-friendly. 

three:: Pasion del Cielo, Miami

via Pasión del Cielo Facebook

This is my daily go-to (one of the baristas knows me and my order at this point and she'll start preparing it when I walk in the door). What I love about this place, aside from the convenience (five minutes from my apartment) and the great coffee at a great price ($2.89 plus tip for a 16 oz.) is that it offers beans from 7ish different countries and your coffee is ground and brewed to order. I appreciate the selection, even if I always get the Ethiopian blend, iced, black. The occasional double chocolate muffin is also a treat.

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