June 16, 2016

5 Random Qs

I recently stumbled across this list, and I thought it would be fun to answer a few of these questions. My mom was sitting nearby when I decided I liked this idea, so I asked her to choose five random numbers. That being said, these are not the most exciting of questions, but it's a candid post haha.

6) What's your lucky number?

I wouldn't really say I have a lucky number, but I like the number 24.

65) Are you religious?

I'm a Christian, but I feel like the word "religion" can have negative connotations, especially in today's world. I don't see religion as a strict set of rules, and as a Christian, you should love everyone and not judge others; also, going or not going to church does not define you as a Christian. Where you spend time with God is not as important as the actual time spent. That being said, I would say that I am religious, yes.

41) Are you a good cleaner?

Uh... I don't know? I'm very organized, and I clean my apartment regularly, even though I hate doing it. I could probably be more thorough, but ya know.

15) If you were a superhero, what outfit would you wear?

Probably whatever I would normally wear. Be discrete about it, I guess haha.

83) Do you prefer towel drying, blow drying, or natural drying your hair?

I wash my hair at night, so it can air-dry and I can straighten it in the morning!

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